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Thursday 25 July 2013

Corrie A-Z: M is for musical talents

There are a few Corrie characters who have musical talents. And I love it when someone has musical links because it adds something to their character.

The most obvious one of course is the radiant Rita. During her early years she had a regular stint at the Capricorn Club and then the Gatsby. When she married Len, she didn’t sing so much and only did a few stints.

She sang at Stan and Hilda’s ruby wedding party in 1983 and while she was singing ‘Stardust’ she was informed that Len had died in a car crash. She vowed never to sing publicly again. But she has done. She sang at Blackpool when fleeing Alan Bradley, although she was having a nervous breakdown! Then she sang during the Millennium Party celebrations. She sang at Fred Elliott’s wake.

And of course recently
she sang in the Rovers on Christmas Day 2010, days after the tram crash

Another character with musical links is Deirdre who’s a dab hand at playing the harmonica, as witnessed in 2004.
Both Ena Sharples and Ernest Bishop were known to tinkle the ivories in Rovers sing songs. Ena had a harmonium in the Mission Hall and later the Community Centre and she played the organ at Ernest and Emily’s wedding. Ernest accompanied Rita at the Gatsby, much to Emily’s chagrin, and at various Rovers dos like Christmas parties and the 1940s night in 1974.

Jack Duckworth also accompanied Rita at the Oggies’ party, but I don’t recall seeing him playing the piano after that.
Betty Driver was a renowned singer but, apart from the 1940s night, Betty Turpin was never seen singing. A shame really!
Sue Nicholls also had a top 20 hit in the 1960s but Audrey Roberts has never been seen singing.

And of course, who can forget Hilda’s warbling!

Can you think of any other characters with musical talents?

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Rosie said...

Ahh Hilda, mop and bucket in hand, 'The Hills Are Alive With Sound Of Music' lovely memory. Loved Hilda.

Stephen said...

Ryan claims to be a guitarist, (or did when he first reappeared), but it was clear to some of us that fiddling with the machine heads on the headstock, but never actually making a note, meant that he can't. Still, that's not the actor's fault. It just makes Ryan look even more ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I remember Billy Williams also playing the piano, also who remembers the Rovers Return Barbershop Quartet - Renee Roberts, Alf Roberts, Bert Tilsey, and Eddie Yeats ... or was it Fred Gee??

Janice said...

Michelle Connor was introduced as a lounge singer. Liz also sang, it is how she met Vernon. Of course ex-boy bander Keiron played drums in real life but not on Corrie.

Tvor said...

Sylvia strums the ukelele!

Dolly Tubb said...

Gary Mallet played the drums - he sold his drumkit to pay for some baby kit when the twins were born.

pitpony said...

When Rita sang in the Rovers, Mary accompanied her on piano.

Anonymous said...

this is one of my all time favourite duets. Mike Baldwin & Alma "Something Stupid like i love you"

Anonymous said...

Richard Fleeshman who played Craig Harris is a talented young man but Craig never sang on Corrie :-(
Don't forget even Adam Rickitt(2nd Nick Tilsey) had a hit single in his time. no incarnation of Nick has sang on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Do'nt forget when Alec signed up Fiona as a local singing talent. One of the more daft stories as she was really kind of average!- Micky

Anonymous said...

Mary and Norris...she rigged the piano.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that Bill Tarmey was a lounge singer for many years,while simultaneously playing Jack Duckworth, although I don't think Jack ever sang. (Didn't they use Tarmey's voice singing after Vera died, or was it after Jack died?)

Anonymous said...

No one's mentioned Corrie's first musical talent - Ena on the piano or harmonium!

Tvor said...

Jack did sing on the show, not well, as Vince St. Claire

Anonymous said...

Andy Whyment as Kirkie tried out for Xfactor for the Big 50 show.
Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire"

Newfy Pearl said...

Michelle Connor has a tremendous voice. Cairon from BoyZone!
On a Corrie special the Crabtree girl from the factory had a tremendous voice as did Cilla!
On that same episode Liz and Steve sang 'Sweet Child of Mine'.
I wish the show would allow some of the musical talent to permeate into the show....whether it be like Gail singing to herself...or why not a fundraiser where people perform at the Rovers and raise money for something....
A little brevity is necessary now and then!


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