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Monday, 3 June 2013

Corrie A-Z: E is for Exits

Coronation Street has seen many exits over the years – deaths, midnight flits or characters moving away. Deaths prove to be ratings winners and soap deaths are the most iconic of all TV deaths.

Dramatic Corrie deaths include Ernie Bishop being shot, Brian Tilsley being stabbed, Alan Bradley getting hit by a tram, Patricia Hillman getting hit by a shovel, Maxine Peacock by a crowbar, Richard Hillman driving into the canal and Tony Gordon perishing in the factory fire. Then there are the tragic deaths of Molly Dobbs and Ashley Peacock in the 50th anniversary tram crash.

Then there are those quiet, poignant deaths of well-loved characters. Martha Longhurst, Alf Roberts, Alma Baldwin, Ray Langton and Jack and Vera Duckworth all passed away quietly but made the nation reach out for its box of tissues. And even off-screen deaths can have a great effect on viewers – with the likes of Jack Walker, Stan Ogden, Blanche Hunt and Betty Turpin coming to mind. On the other hand, some deaths have been sudden like Derek Wilton, Mike Baldwin and Fred Elliott that have also had a great effect. And the tragic deaths of young residents of the street like Valerie Barlow, Janet Barlow, Renee Roberts, Lisa Duckworth, Des Barnes, Judy Mallett, Katy Harris and Liam Connor.

Exits also come in the form of midnight flits like Elsie Tanner, Bet Lynch and Liz McDonald who left the cobbles overnight without saying goodbye to anyone.

And there are the ones who departed by leaving the area to start afresh. Usually they get a nice send-off like Hilda Ogden and Mavis Wilton.

Some characters have left without an exit storyline (Ena Sharples, Annie Walker, Phyllis Pearce) while some have had mediocre exit storylines even though they’d been in the programme for years (Percy Sugden, Martin Platt). Others have had to be written out for off-show reasons (Len Fairclough, Lucille Hewitt, Bert Tilsley, Les Battersby).

And then there’s the death of Teresa the turkey!

Who had the best exit for you? And what makes a great Corrie exit – explosions and drama or poignancy?

Voting closes on Monday, 10th June. And if you haven't yet, you can still vote for your favourite Corrie moment from the 1980s here.


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Sean said...

Well it wasn't a character dying - but my Favourite "death" was Stan Ogden because of Hilda's crying scene, my Favourite moment from Corrie. It was so beautiful and I remember watching it back in 1984, and thinking WOW I didn't know how good Jean Alexander was.

Plutonian said...

I voted for Alma's death because we got to see some superb acting from Sue Nicholls as Audrey, my favourite character.

Plutonian said...

Oh yes Sean - one of the best scenes in Corrie history. Apparently, those were real tears she was shedding for Bernard Youens, who had played her husband for 20 years

njblas said...

Ravi Desai was another who disappeared suddenly, following off-screen behaviour...

Anonymous said...

Great article, Lilfon. Interesting in the "flit" category Elsie, Bet, Elizabeth! Have to say Stan's death exit moved me most.

abbyk said...

A great post, but notably missing from your poll is Jack Duckworth. He spent a few days doing good around the Street, then went home, slipped into a dream with Vera and was peacefully gone. A bit OTT, but it left me weepy and was a good sendoff for a long time favorite.

Llifon said...

Hi abbyk. I agree Jack's exit was poignant, and I would've loved to have included him. The same with Vera, Fred, Jez, Derek, Ashley, Molly and Natasha, but due to lack of space I had to narrow it down. I'm very sorry but you're welcome to enter Jack under the 'other option' if you want. :)

Janice. said...

Best Corrie exit is that of the fans-- in droves, since the muck first hit the fans two years ago.

Stevie said...

Alma. Definitely. Really beautiful scenes. Sue Nicholls is wonderful in these episodes.


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