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Friday 21 December 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, the week before Christmas 2012

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This week in Corrie it’s been harrowing to watch and one scene had himself and me sat on the sofa, gobsmacked, unable to speak, with tears in our eyes. You can probably guess it’s Kirsty and Tyrone, with the harshest scenes ever this week as Kirsty slammed a door onto Tyrone’s arm and hand.  It was awful.  It’s hard to watch; it must be difficult to act but if it helps just one person seek support for the same sort of abuse they’re facing at home, then the storyline has done its job

It's Tyrone’s 30th birthday and Kirsty arranged a surprise party he didn’t want, as he grows close to Fiz who determines to help her mate Ty as he faces up to marrying Kirsty so he can get parental rights over Ruby.  It’s a nice plan, but somehow I can’t see it being that easy, not in the world of soap.

Onto brighter things now, so let’s talk about Jason.  Ok, so perhaps things are not quite that bright. After lusting after Stella in the pub, Jason and Stella are now officially an item, stepping out together and sliding under bed sheets.  At least I think that’s what they were doing when they headed to bed. Stella might have taken Jason upstairs to read him a story and tuck him in, who knows?  Eileen’s not happy, as you’d expect.

Carla heads back to LA this week leaving someone behind who looks like Peter Barlow. He talks like Peter Barlow, he walks like Peter Barlow but this new Peter Barlow is reasoned and calm, Californian and laid-back, relaxed and happy to play the long game in getting back with Leanne. He starts to get close again to little Simon, who’s happy to have his dad back. Nick notices Leanne growing close to Peter and he gets a face on him like a wet weekend in Wigan.

Over at Underworld, the dullest man in soap, Rob Donovan, decides to buy the factory when Carla tells him she wants to sell up.  Rob hasn’t got the cash so he phones a few dodgy friends to see if they want a piece of pants action.

Dennis and the Lollipoperatives wage war on Streetcars this week by marching on the cobbles in protest at Steve McDonald’s claim that Dennis had been nasty to the Bessie Street kids.  Faced with an army of lollipop men and women, Steve admits he was lying and all is well again. There was a lovely line from Dennis this week written by Jonathan Harvey, repeating Elsie Tanner’s famous words: “As me mother used to say, I’m just about ready for the knacker yard.”

Over at Roy’s Rolls, Roy struggles to cope with Hayley away. I miss Hayley, do you?  He takes on Fiz who needs to work after being sacked at Underworld.

Meanwhile, Kirk and Chesney buy a load of stolen turkeys from Sweaty Betty who gets put away by the coppers for dealing in stolen goods.  This leaves Ches and Kirk with a problem, do they sell stolen frozen birds and risk being banged up in the big house for Christmas or do they chuck all the turkeys into the canal?  They plump for the latter which is unfortunate as frozen turkeys don’t sink, they float, but at least they get rid.

Having no turkeys to sell leaves Kirk with no cash to buy Beth the necklace she’s set her heart on, so he’s somewhat confused when the necklace turns up and Beth thinks Kirk’s bought it  for her.  It’s young Craig who’s bought it to ensure Kirk doesn’t end up looking bad, bless him.  More loveliness for Beth, Craig and Kirk when Beth decides she and Craig are moving into Maria’s flat with Kirk when the man who looks like Peter Barlow tells her he wants her out of the flat above the bookies.  I like this threesome together and I’m hoping for big things for Beth and Kirk, like a lovely summer wedding in 2013 with Craig walking his mum down the aisle.

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This week's writers were Simon Crowther, Jonathan Harvey, Jayne Hollinson, Peter Whalley, Debbie Oates, Susan Oudot. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Billy Niblick said...

Marrying Kirsty to gain parental rights over his daughter is "a nice plan"? Are you mad? It's about the worst plan since Alfonso DuFeckit proposed building a bridge across the channel entirely of cheese.

At the very least, you'd think that Tyrone would have learnt something about the way his friend Kevin illicitly obtained a DNA sample from the baybeh he had fathered with Mollie and used it to prove that he was the baybeh's father.

Tyrone doesn't even have to do it illicitly. Given that he spends his days looking after wee Rubeh, he must
be literally bristling with DNA samples that he could use to the same end. Seems to me that's a considerably better way of establishing parental rights than contracting a bogus marriage with a violent psychopath.

Totally bonkers. You must want your bumps feeling if you reckon that's anything like a nice plan.

ChiaGwen said...

Haven't watched that particular episode on YouTube yet but I just knew it would be that little rascal Craig buying the necklace for his Mom! I too am looking forward to more stories with this threesome - brilliant casting.


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