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Saturday 29 December 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Tinsel, Turkey and Trouble

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It’s been a wicked winter in Weatherfield this Christmas. First let’s kick off with the big Christmas story that was Nick and Leanne’s wedding. As it’s soap, things were never going to go smoothly and this was no exception.

After a drunken hen night with Eva trying to get Leanne so wrecked on cheap booze that she wouldn’t be able to get up the next morning to face her own wedding, Leanne got up fine. But then it all went downhill.

En route to the church in the back of a taxi, Leanne called at Peter’s house to give him last dibs. He was almost ready to take Leanne back and had suggested much the same to her the night before as he tried to snog her in the back room of the pub after Leanne came back from her hen do, all smudged mascara and skew-whiff tiara. And Peter was tempted, oh yes he was tempted, but in between him declaring undying love for Leanne in the back of the pub and Leanne offering herself to him in her wedding frock and winter bolero, something had changed. Something had happened. Someone had returned from LA. Yup, Carla’s back and Peter’s head has been turned once again. Leanne let rip at Carla, telling her she’s Peter’s second choice but Carla already knows.

So Leanne hops back in the taxi after being snubbed by Peter, sniffs, puts her bolero straight and the cab drives on to the wedding venue, some fancy country house, where Nick’s waiting for his bride. As they’re just about to exchange vows, Eva pipes up from the pew. She can’t keep quiet that one, not with a crush the size of Salford she’s got for Nick. She tells the congregation that Leanne offered herself to Peter who didn’t want her and now she’s settling for Nick. Well, that’s it. There’s tears and tantrums in an ante-room and the wedding’s off, everyone goes home. Everyone that is except for Nick and his sister in law Kylie who end up using the honeymoon suite to get jiggy together. Nick because he’s just been jilted by Leanne in a very public way and Kylie because David has been horribly cruel to her and she doesn’t know where her head’s at.

It’s a secret Nick and Kylie will have to keep but Kylie finds it hard and plans to run away to live in Barbados with Becky. She soon returns though, and David vows to make her happy, while Nick looks like he’s seen the ghost of Christmas past, present and future when Kylie waltzes back into the Platt living room. Gail, if she should ever find out (and she will, because this is soap) will most certainly Do Her Nut.

Kirk, Beth and Craig have a lovely Christmas together with Marcus and Maria, they make such a lovely family these three, and I do hope 2013 sees Kirk and Beth wed.

Over at Underworld, Rob’s cooking the books to make Underworld appear less valuable than it is so that he can go in there with a low offer to buy it off Carla. She knows Rob’s up to summat but isn’t sure what, yet.

Elsewhere this Christmas, Marcus entertained his parents who turned up to have a look at Maria. He was wearing a very bad Christmas jumper, was Marcus. If he’d still been gay he would so never had worn it, that’s for sure.

Fiz’s boiler breaks and Tyrone fixes it but he hasn’t fixed it properly and it’s leaking carbon monoxide into the house only Fiz doesn’t know that yet. She thinks she’s coming down with a bug and stays at home while all the Owens go off to the Lakes with Chesney and baby Hope.

And finally this Christmas, there was a love triangle with a difference developing when both Kevin and Sophie Webster develop a crush on physio Jenna.

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Sammy said...

How have you worked out that Leanne is Peter's first choice? He left her for Carla and he was the one who petitioned for a divorce. The only time he tries to get back with Leanne is when Carla leaves him.
He led Leanne on under false pretences and she offered herself on a plate to him on her wedding day (knowing Nick was waiting for her at the altar) - so if Peter wanted her, he could have had her. If Carla hadn't have left Peter and gone to LA, he wouldn't have been sniffing around Leanne. Plus he never actually said he loved Leanne or wanted her back, he just tried to make her think it to stop her from marrying Nick.

Peter will always choose Carla and Leanne knows that.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yep didnt Peter say before that although he loved Leanne he wasnt IN LOVE with her and Carla was the love of his life? It beggars belief that Leanne who is a fiesty person would even give him the time of day the way he has treated her - remember the big reveal in Frank Foster's trial? This bouncing back and forth is becoming very tiresome indeed and they need to move on.

Lily said...

I just stumbled upon this blog a few months back but have never commented before! :)

Yeah, I don't think Carla was his second choice: Leanne snapped because she knew that she is in fact Peter's second choice, not Carla. He only tends to go after Leanne when he and Carla split up.

It would be great to see both women turn and leave him after his actions on Christmas Eve, but I do like how Carla did not refute Leanne's story of how Peter tried to kiss her; she almost seemed sympathetic when she told Leanne to not "make Peter your something borrowed...", only to get her back up when Leanne turned her vicious tongue on her.

I will hand it to the writers, I'm glad they are not returning Carla entirely back to her pre-rape self. She is not as strong emotionally as she was before the attack and that has FINALLY been explored upon their return to the cobbles. As a victim of sexual violence, I can attest that the trauma and memories don't go away because the rapist has been murdered or put behind bars, and her admittance that she can't see her flat as anything but the place she was attacked in speaks volumes to her mental and emotional state.

Add to that fact that she admitted to Peter that she has ceded control, for the first time in her life, to him shows just how far she has yet to go to recover. She is once again putting up a front of strength to those around her, but she is anything but underneath. Very realistic to victims of this type of vicious crime and I'm glad they are not dismissing it so soon and hope they don't.

Having said that, Peter has clearly made his choice and I do hope they end this love square dynamic now and move on with more intriguing stories for the characters as they are all such fab actors/actresses.

It would be great to see some sort of friendship rekindled between Leanne and Carla, (Michelle and Becky eventually became friends again) because they both are very much the same: they have no female friends apart from family that they can confide in like they did when they had each other.

Oh and kudos to Eva for this line: "Don't dare make this about Simon! That poor lad only figures in your life when you want him too..."

Bang on Eva! I'm tired of seeing that kid being used as an emotional battering ram.

Anonymous said...

I guess I was watching another Corrie, because IMO it was Nick who jilted Leanne at the altar.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Well if Nick called it off because of Leanne's shinanigans with Peter, then I suppose it technically was her fault (keeping him waiting at the alter while throwing herself at Peter)?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Leanne would have jilted Nick if Peter wasn't back with Carla. In the end though, Leanne DID turn up and she would have married Nick BUT he was the one who left her.

S.H said...

to Frosty the Snowman - Yes, Peter was forced to confess to Simon that he had 'fallen out of love with Leanne.'
Carla has been portrayed as 'the love of his life' in a sense because he gave up so much for her. He left Leanne, divorced her, he confessed to murdering Frank Foster to protect Carla, and he nearly lost Simon etc etc. But unfortunately, the writers seem to want them all back at square one again.

I, for one, have no interest in watching Leanne bounce back and forth between Nick and Peter. It's so tedious and the writers need to move on. I certainly don't want watch Peter drag Carla down anymore, so if they're going to keep Carla and Peter together then we need to see an end to this Peter Vs Nick for 'Leanne' nonsense. It's a joke and all of them are going round in ridiculous circles. What happened to consistency and good storytelling????


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