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Sunday 16 December 2012

Weekly Coronation Street awards, December 10 - 14

Character of the week: The crossing patrol's Simon Cowell, aka, Malcom!

Tit for Tat award: Steve thinks being barred from the Kabin is petty and vindictive but he's the one that bragged about his own capacity for the same isn't he?

Showdown at the OK Corral award: Steve and Dennis facing off at the crossing.

Shout out to the past award: Dennis mentioned Elsie's famous line from episode 1, to paraphrase, He's just about ready for the knacker's yard!

Plot repeat. I said, Plot repeat. Carla's picking up Simon at school and she's been drinking. Cue Simon kicking off (and rightly so). Also, Kirk selling frozen turkeys. Dry like last year's Christmas trees, anyone?

Shooting Fish in a Barrel award: Gail was a very easy mark for Lewis' manipulations.

It Must be Genetic Award: Becky went on a rampage with a sledgehammer. Kylie went on one with a crowbar

Multitasking award: Unlike men watching telly, women like Eileen can watch and listen to conversations and take it all in too.

Tradition award: Either Rob hasn't opened that filing cabinet since Carla left or he's keeping up the long standing tradition of keeping a bottle stashed in the factory office that goes back to Mike Baldwin.

Impeccable Timing award: Peter shows up seconds before the taxi to the airport leaves.

TMI award: Stella threw Karl's sexual failures back in his face.

Resourceful award: That Simon is very good at traveling the public transportation system on his own. Remember Blackpool?

Spelling fail award: Kirkys Turkys

Lines of the week:
Steve to Dennis "Fascist!"
Mandy about Jason "He's not the brightest bulb in the fairy lights is he?" (You're not new here anymore, I see. Last week you thought he was smart!)
Steve "When it comes to pettiness and stupid vendettas, I am the Master" Lloyd "You're the Obi Wan Kenobi of Small mindedness"
Steve about the Kabin ban "That's petty and vindictive" (Tit for tat, I say) Rita "I believe the phrase is... Sling yer Hook!"
Kylie "What's daft about cold blooded murder"
Carla "Joy to the world" (it isn't, coming from her!)
Carla "Peter gets to see Simon and I get to count the days through gritted teeth."
Mandy "Lunch with a fireman. What could possibly go wrong?"
David "She's the one being immature, not me" Gail "Say that sentence again. Quietly. In your head"

Steve "Lollipop men only work a couple of half-hours a day. How much chaos can they cause?" (quite a lot as it happens)
And Beth about the yellow mob "Must be Gay Pride. Mind you, they all look a bit old"
Nick about the wedding "This time, it's going to go with out a hitch" (Phrase of Doom alert!)
Simon "I must be doing something wrong or you wouldn't keep leaving me" (ouch)
Lewis to Gail "I was a little sparrow and you nursed me back to health" (gag)
Paul "A difference of opinion can be a healthy thing"
Leanne to Carla "There you are...back in the gutter where you belong" (don't piss off a Battersby, man, she's got form!)
Beth "My thing is bling!" (so say we all!)
Malcom about Dennis "I trained your husband" Rita "Any tips, cos I'm still strugglin'"
Jason "Don't ask"
Stella to Karl "I had more fun with him in one night than I had with you in 6 years and I didn't have to fake it neither"

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Anonymous said...

Where have we seen this before?
Kyle trying to bash down Tina's door with a crowbar while two strong men cannot possible disarm this tiny wee thing.
Becky, trashing the Barlow's living room with a sledge hammer while two strong men (or maybe more) stand by helplessly..they cannot possible disarm her without fear for their own lives.
Hash..rehashed storylines. And Owen's truck is just conveniently located directly outside the front door with all his tools ready for the taking!

Anonymous said...

Oh..and I guess I'm alone in this but the whole marching crossing guard thing was just stupid. Anyone would have called the cops and they could have all been charged with obstructing traffic, but not on Corrie. Nobody on this show will ever ever call them no matter what's going on. I guess this was an opportunity for Simon G to gurn and frown his face off for an entire episode. It's getting really old really fast.

Adam Sandler said...

When comedy falls flat because of poor acting and/or writing it is embarrassing. Please put those responsible out of their misery, it is kinder in the long run.

Danny-K said...

Oh no - I enjoyed it (The maching scene)

Yes, of course it takes an effort to overcome you're suspension of disbelief, and riskily, it does have to catch you in the right mood, a flight of fancy if you will, 'Eck! Does that sound a bit like Mary? But I enjoyed it as a sort of out-of-Corriebody experience type of thing, whilst waiting for the real action to come along. It was just fun enough.

How will they all fit in the Rovers? Was my concern, there'd have to be loads flowing out onto the pavement; how would the regulars ever get served?
Pointless really as the whole scene was just a fun, off-the-wall daft thing.

Believe it or not, I accepted it more readily than the, Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen rock band tribute lock-in, awhile back. The inclusion of Norris and his concrete like grip on down-to-earthness, was too gravitationally strong for me to 'let go' and enjoy it properly.

Just depends where your silliness level is on the meter at any given moment I suppose, but I LIKED IT! :) :) :)

Danny-K said...

Here's a spare 'r' for the maching scene.

Danny-K said...

Lines of the week - Don't forget Jason's:

Is your bedroom tidy? It is? Right then, you can show me all round your bedroom now.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to criticize spelling variations for trade purposes then why not pick on the "Kabin" too?

Anonymous said...

The Lollypop man protest was just embarrasing. Coronation Street is fantastic at blending comedy with darkness but these comedy storylines and becoming too forced now. Just like the rat in the Rovers farce from a few months ago, which was just a load of actors pulling funny faces. Its almost going down the road of EastEnders humour. Come on, writers, get back to the subtle yet touching humour of yesteryear. The comedy now feels like its diliberate, whereas in the past it felt random and almost believable so it actually had a much bigger impact on the viewer.

Tvor said...

I loved the Lollipop escapade! Good fun!

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

I thought the maRching scene was tounge-in-cheek reminded me of something off Dr Who maRching down the road.....The Return Of The Lollipop People!!!

ChiaGwen said...

Love Malcolm - hope he makes more appearances! Oh the marching lollies were great - very well choreographed lol. Enjoying seeing more of Dennis and had to laugh when he told Brian to shut-up in the Rovers.

Mary Prankster said...

My 1st impression of the marching reflective coats was "rather expensive sight gag!" Then I figured, what the heck. It gave a couple of dozen senior extras some Christmas spending money to supplement their pensions.


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