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Wednesday 12 December 2012

A very Corrie Christmas - 1970s style

Aah - a 1970s British Christmas! Garish foil decorations, festive TV adverts for Woolworths, Hi-Karate gift sets for the men, something by Yardley for the ladies and Ker-Plunk for the kids. Against this backdrop of cheap scent and rickety plastic toys, Corrie celebrated its own Christmas. Let us take a journey through the decade that taste forgot with Annie, Elsie, Deirdre and co.

It's 1970 and Albert Tatlock cancels the Christmas panto as there has been a suicide in the Street! Two former American GIs throw a farewell party in the Rovers. Maggie Clegg is sad to see them go. They obviously bought more than two slices of ham from the shop.

By 1971, Albert is spending Christmas alone. Ken decides to visit his children and their Scottish accents in Glasgow. Ena takes pity on Albert and invites him to lunch. Stan sells his cocktail bar in order to buy some Christmas booze. The Ogdens slip further down the social scale.

The Rovers hosts a 1940s show at Christmas 1972. Stand by for fun and frolics as Rita 'does' Marlene Dietrich, Norma, Bet and Betty appear as the Andrews Sisters and Emily balances some old fruit on her head (a-hem) and passes herself off as Carmen Miranda.

1973 was obviously the season of bad will. Emily and Ernie Bishop make Ena homeless (had Emily been at the 'whisky and tranquilisers' combo again?) but the good fairy, Deirdre, persuades Len and Ray to make Jerry Booth a partner in their business.

Eddie Yeats makes his first appearance on Christmas Day 1974 and cooks lunch for Ena and Minnie. Blanche's dinner outdoes Annie Walker's high tea and, oh decadent seventies, we are treated to a shot of Deirdre smoking a cigar. Now we know where she got that voice from . . .

1975 and it's 'Cinderella' at the Community Centre. Tricia appears in the title role with a black eye, courtesy of Deirdre, Pipe Smoker of the Year. Alf and Hilda play the Ugly Sisters and Betty is the fairy.

Scenes of a disturbing sexual nature at Christmas 1976 as Vera Duckworth tries to undress Ernie Bishop. Terry Bradshaw calls Gail a tart and slaps her face. A nation cheered. Mike Baldwin gives Bet the keys to number 5, not realising that Bet's idea of happy homemaking is to empty the ashtray at least twice a week.

1977 sees Annie throw a laugh-a-minute festive lunch with Albert and Fred Gee. Elsie and Rita have a bitching session over the turkey and sprouts whereas the Ogdens just settle for getting legless.

1978 - and it's the Winter of Discontent in the UK but hamster chops Gail snares 'our Brian'. Emily enhances her reputation as a lush and a deviant by getting sozzled on Eddie's home-made vino. Some bloke called Tim sets his cap at Suzie Birchall but finds himself going home with the lovely Deirdre.

Christmas 1979 arrives and Rita is underwhelmed with her gift from Len - a box of chocolates. In a rare display of good will to . . . well, anyone, Ivy invites Audrey for Boxing Day. Meanwhile the Ogdens face the holiday season with no food.

For the second decade running then, Emily lurches from one drunken party to the next. Will anything or anyone slow down this perennial good time girl in a tweed skirt? All will be revealed in our next instalment.

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Carry On Blogging! said...

Oh I loved the 1972 episode! Bet, Betty and Norma as the Andrews Sisters is always a highlight for me! They can barely conceal their giggles and are obviously having a ball! It's great to see Betty Driver singing too, given her career before the Street.

Clinkers (David) said...

I love the 1972 episode too - Betty is definitely having fun. Definitely hoping for some light amongst the darkness of this year's Corrie Christmas!

Anonymous said...

These posts are great glimpses into the past. I had no idea Emily was such a wild child! My, how times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Also love the 1972 episode. Enjoy it again...

Part 1

Part 2

corrierules said...

Thanks for the links. Wonderful to see Betty D again -- and Maggie Clegg's hair was a wonder to behold!

Anonymous said...

I adored the 1940s Show at the Rovers. The 1970s were heady with nostalgia for the past!


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