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Monday 17 December 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 17 December

It's going to be difficult to take much more of the tooth-whitened, tanned, oh so reasonable Californian Peter Barlow. He spoke to Leanne about them being able to work together and being grown-up about it. Shocking! Perhaps the most difficult and shocking part of his recent repertoire was the weird smile he gave Leanne on leaving the bookies after having delivered his work intentions.

He seems much more content than he should do with the love of his life approximately six thousand miles away. Of course, he was doing it for Simon, he claims and that is the official line, though both Leanne and Peter looked perfectly at ease with each other at the skating rink. Perhaps the photograph Simon took will trouble the already troubled Nick. Peter reminds Leanne, that he had his chance and he blew it and that it's Nick's turn now. Hmmmm.

Karl added a touch of pathos this evening. His taunts of Jason didn't really work. When asked what he wanted by Jason, Karl gave the rather witty if acerbic reply that he wanted to see what a toyboy looked like. He tells Jason that everyone is laughing at the relationship between Jason and Stella, but then Stella herself appears and asks if  Karl is being more objectionable than usual. When Stella phones Karl later, he obviously gets his hopes up but they are soon dashed as Stella explains that there is no chance of them ever renewing their relationship. Later, when the glum seductress Sunita turns up in The Rovers looking for Karl after his' half hour'drink, Stella gives her some sisterly advice, by telling Sunita not to waste her time with Karl, in the way she, Stella did. Perhaps Sunita's reaction was intended to save face, as she tells Stella that she's bitter. Perhaps annoyed by this or perhaps to make her point crystal clear, Stella tells Sunita that Karl asked  Stella to take him back. Stella tells her erstwhile love rival to kick him out now.

Nice touch of light relief with Sweaty Betty's apparently knocked-off turkeys with unsinkable qualities. How will Kirk manage to buy Beth's much-coveted bling now? A further amusing touch tonight was Sally's head girl behaviour in the factory, insisting that even a white lie is a lie and her obsequious 'Good morning Mr. Donovan'. Perhaps though, for amusement, young Craig should get the gold star.When asked by his mother why he was not at school but with 'Kirkys Turkys' as rendered on the sign, Craig, without a blink, just told her that it was a teachers' shopping day.

The story of the night though was the thirtieth birthday of Tyrone, the surprise party and the passionate kiss between Fiz and Tyrone. The tension! Would Fiz be discovered as Emily was deposited on the sofa?  How would Fiz escape? And the card, signed all my love Fiz xxx. As Emily sees it lying on the floor after Fiz had left she 'helpfully' places it on display with the others. It's almost on a par with the handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona which she has taken from her by Emilia. Surely a link there - Emily-  Emilia. Shakespearean indeed! A brilliant ending as Kirsty picks up the card, reads it, gasps and  looks upwards. Run Tyrone! Run!              


Janice said...

I think it is pretty obvious who has the money to buy Underworld from Carla:the 'obsequious' Sally. It looks like Karl is being written out as well as Sunita, though I can't see them leaving as a pair. Kirsty's hyperventilation schtick is too panto.

Anonymous said...

Well..there's an hour of my life I'm not going to get back.
Same scenes with Sunita as before. Same Xmas storyline for Kirk and Chesney..another go 'round with Peter and Leanne in the Bookies. I do not like Mandy..she's a non character with a big mouth..if she's supposed to be the barmaid with the big mouth that everyone loves (Betty) she's off by a long shot.
Fiz and Ty..I don't remember those two having a great romance before. I remember Kirk and Tyrone fighting over Fiz for about 5 minutes a few years ago..maybe I'm wrong.
The Kirsie maniac thing is getting on my nerves now too so maybe my Corrie watching days are coming to an's just too annoying anymore.

Great blogs though!!

Llifon said...

Watching Emily babysitting took me back to the episode in January 2003where she was babysitting for the Peacocks and Richard clobbered her on the head with a crowbar!

Now that was a storyline that gripped the nation, unlike many of the so called 'gripping' stories of late.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Comparing this to Shakespeare gave me my best laugh of 2012.

Loon the Baloon said...

Now would anyone really responsible leave an old dear that cannot even remember if she turned off the immersion heating and falls asleep on the sofa with a very young baby? It reminded me of the time she got clobbered by Hillman too! Karl is really pointless now, and I cannot see where he will go now. A shame and a waste of a great actor in John Mitchie.

ChiaGwen said...

My thoughts exactly Loon - when I saw Emily nod off on the couch I thought oh dear she won't hear Ruby on the nursery monitor! Loved how Jason didn't let Karl get to him - I'm actually liking this Jason/Stella pairing and yes shame that John Mitchie is given drivel to work with - not sure how he is going to fit in, in the future.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt help thinking if I was Emily, and had been battered by a crow bar whilst babysitting in the past, I may well ensure the back door is locked this time round?- Micky

Recycle Refuse said...

Please don't the writers any ideas. The net you know there will be a mystery serial killer on the prowl. Emily will be battered, Kirsty will go to jail, wrongfully charged. Yada, yada, yada.


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