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Saturday 29 December 2012

Top 10 things I'd like to see in Corrie in 2013

Here they are, Flaming Nora's top 10 things I'd like to see in Coronation Street in 2013.

1. Fat Brenda working on the Streetcars switch.

2. Kirk and Beth get married, with Craig walking his mum down the aisle.

3. St Ella gets sacked, takes the taxi of shame away from the Street which then crashes into the Weatherfield Wayfarer and kills her so she can never, ever return.

4. Underworld being run by Carla, solo, successfully and happily. She goes on to make a fortune, takes on extra staff, extends the factory and has to fight off a take-over from Glam Rags, a rival knicker company from Macclesfield.

5. Liz McDonald to return and have a fling with Ken Barlow under Deirdre's nose and behind her back.

6. Eddie Windass to return and fight Owen for Anna's affections.

7. Spider Nugent to return to look after his Aunty Em.  He brings Toyah with him, of course.

8. Norris to finally, finally, come out of the flamin' closet!

9. On a more serious note, a HIV storyline to be tackled properly and sensitively by our favourite soap.

10. Ted Page to return. Remember him and how good he was?

What would you like to happen in 2013 in Coronation Street?

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Anonymous said...

Tracy Barlow taking the big dirt nap.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I love this! I'm shocked and stunned you want Spider to come back. That was even more shocking that Nick and Kylie sleeping together :O ;)

I do like most of your ideas although please can Liz McD never return to Corrie! In particular an affair with Ken would make me re-inact that scene in The Exorcist.

Anonymous said...

Spider is awesome

Octomom said...

I like the HIV idea. On a street with rampant unprotected sex it is time there were other consequences than babies.

Anonymous said...

An HIV story line - I don't think so. Liz coming back - that's never going to happen. Who on earth is Fat Brenda?? What I would like to see would be less babies, Carla gone forever along with Stella and Leanne. Tyrone to find someone terrific - he is due. Tracy murdered. Tommy and David to grow up and act like men and not spoiled brats.....and that's it:)

bbhilda said...

I would like Fiz and Tyrone to marry and live happily ever after. Now I think I might get my first wish, but my second? bwahaha!!

I would like Kathy Jones to come back and be Gail's friend again, maybe it would keep her out of everyone else's business.

I want Gloria to come back to console Eva and Leanne, after her daughter has met Flaming Nora's fate, and be persuaded to stay as landlady of The Rovers. However, I think they have to make her ever so slightly nicer, so she keeps the punters coming in, with just a flash back to her old self for special people.

I also want Sylvia back, I think she and Gloria might make quite a twosome.

Getting tired of all the Windass and Armstrong clans, and would be happy to see them all gone, and Chesney could also go with Katy, as I don't think they know what to do with him now he is grown up.

That'll do for a start!

Anonymous said...

Spider was sooo annoying. Hated him.

Would like to see Liz M return and have flaming rows with Tracey. Would also like Tyronnes mum, and Cilla back, if possible with her mate Yanna (such a waste to loose that character).

Would definitely like speedy exits for Michelle, Mandy, Mary, Carla and of course the Alahans.

Agree that Beth and Kirk should be given some proper storylines.


Llifon said...

The oldies getting to lead some strong storylines. More screen-time for Dennis.

Something for the Croppers as well.

Lily said...

I would like to see Carla and Rob's father introduced and a good storyline develop from that.

I would also like to take a break from the Tina-show to be fair; I feel like she's been in just about every episode for a long while now.

Oh, and I would love to see Stella let her 31 year old daughter fight her own battles.

more Roy and Hayley :)

Rachel said...

Definitely bring back Ted! And I wouldn't be surprised if producers have a HIV story planned after the HIV awareness programme they did in Africa this year.

njblas said...

Oh yes! Agree with all your points.
Also think Sylvia and a slightly re-jigged Gloria would be a fun team. Tracy and Stella should definitely go. After a while, bring back the real Tracy - Dawn Acton. She was far more convincing than Kate Ford has ever been. I would also love to see the character of Angela Harris return. Kathryn Hunt was one of the best actresses to appear on the Street in recent years. It's a shame Angela was left languishing in gaol, forgotten by everyone...even her friend Hayley...

Anonymous said...

Would like to see Sian back as well pls so that Sophie can have a bit of happiness

abbyk said...

I'd love to see Carla with a baby of her own -- JUST KIDDING

Wrap up Kirsty's story and send her packing, hopefully for accidentally killing Tracy while aiming for the lovely Tyrone. Let him and Fiz become one happy working class couple.

Ted, Liz, Spider, Toyah and Mavis either need to visit or be visited -- really, how long does it take to get from Manchester to anywhere in the UK? If Carla can do a 48 hour turn around from Los Angeles, anything is possible (I don't think I could do that from Boston, but who's counting). Hayley needs to come home.

I don't like heartache for Izzy, but it wouldn't be so bad if Tina lost the baby and Gary left to work with his dad in Germany & make some real money. Wouldn't be bothered if Anna & Faye went with them, either.

Wouldn't mind seeing the back of the Alahans, Mary, Tracy, Michelle, Rob, Ryan and Stella. Gloria needn't return.

I hope Gail finds a decent job (it's been a long time coming), and a fellow, Nick & Leanne find their way back to each other, Dennis has an adventure, Steve grows up, and the owners of this blog keep at it for another year. Happy 2013, Everyone!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the HIV idea. If it's a gay man, then it perpetuates that gay = HIV. If it's not a gay man, then it's unreal in not affecting the community proportionately affected most.

I would like to see some illnesses featured. Maybe an STD, or cirrhosis, diabetes or emphysema.

Anonymous said...

Did someone actually write, "Who's Fat Brenda?!" I think that's a clear sign we need more Fat Brenda posts to this blog in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Just like to add to your list: definitely DON'T bring back Gloria, and kill off Tracy so she can never come back.

Anonymous said...

I love Stella, I don't want her to leave or get killed! She's a great character and so is Eva! Don't like the HIV storyline idea at all. Would love to see Tyrone and Fiz happy ever after. Like the idea of Carla and Rob's father showing up and also Gail's Dad returning to the street. Didn't like Spider at all, don't want to see him back! Would love to see Liz come back and Eddie Windass too.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Hurry up and get rid of Kirsty for gawds sake.....kill 'er off, I couldn't bear to have to wade through a court case to see her locked up. And then let Fiz and Tyrone live happily together with their kiddly winks.

Bring back Haley & Silvia and give us some story lines with them & all of the older characters, especially Eileen, Diedre, Rita etc.

And pleeeease can we see Sophie lean on her crutch and take a backwards glance of the street as she hobbles off the cobbles for ever....taking Chesney, the Debbie downer of the street, with her. What is it with that guy, he does nothing but moan, moan, moan and demand to know everything that's going on whether it concerns him or not.....yuk!!

Anonymous said...

Chesney has grown into a repulsive young man, in so many ways. I'd love to see him leave the Street, even in a pine box!

Anonymous said...

None of the HIV stuff please. Leave the misery to the cockney soap.


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