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Saturday 22 December 2012

Coronation Street - secrets & lies

Now then, we've got a soap wedding on Coronation Street on Christmas Day. That much we know.  But what we don't know, not for sure, is whether the couple end up as husband and wife.

The Corrie press office have done a wonderful job of keeping the outcome of the wedding secret. There have been no spoilers given or leaked to the press; no online rumours that I've picked up which confirms or denies Leanne becomes Mrs Tilsley (again) and I've got a well-honed and experienced online Corrie radar.

So, no rumours, no spoilers, nothing given away in the official storyline press previews - and I've seem them up till the end of January next year.   And do you know what? I love it.  I love the fact that I'll be sitting down on Christmas Day with my Baileys Irish Cream and box of Thornton's continental, glued to the screen, not knowing whether Leanne marries Nick, or not.  Oh I mean, I can guess.  We can all guess. And we'll probably guess right.  But not knowing for sure is a rare treat for Corrie fans and I applaud the press office for keeping things secret. Please let it happen some more.

It's not the first time a huge storyline outcome has been kept secret. Earlier this year we had the murder of freaky Frank Foster with 'whodunnit' press releases pointing the finger at five suspects, which clued-up Corrie fans knew were all red herrings.  But we still didn't know who did do in Frank and it was only very close to the reveal that suspicion fell on Frank's mum Anne Foster, who did in fact turn out to be the guilty one.  Corrie press played their cards close to their chest on that storyline too, making the outcome much more enjoyable to watch.

They also did the same by keeping schtum on Steve and Becky's first wedding, back in 2009.

So for 2013 how about fewer leaks and spoilers to the press - and more suspense, Corrie, please?

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Conversation Street said...

As a spoiler-free podcast, we're all for ITV keeping the lid on the finer details of upcoming storylines; we love it when there's a big surprise that we didn't know was coming.

Danny-K said...

Possible SPOILER ALERT - Well, not really but don't read on after the double lines below if you want to be 100% surprised by everything on the night.

Anyway, was off ill on Thursday and idly flicked the TV channels (not that ill) to get one of the rolling news channels when passed through one of the morning chat shows with a feature on the Corrie wedding.

As it turned out it was about half the length of a Corrie episode so lots of interviews with all the main participants.

All the principal actors enjoyed teasing the interviewer when quizzed about revealing
re: Wiil she/won't she, go through with it, Leanne and the wedding.

The more experienced actors sailed close to the wind as much as they dared tease by stating the obvious that the wedding would NOT go smnoothly, but skillfully stayed within their contract compliances.

You had to laugh when it came to the actress who plays Kylie (Paula Lane). She took the whole contract secrecy quite seriously, almost offended that the intereviwer would dare ask such a thing, and ended the exchange flatly, barely a word exchanged.

Is Jack Shepard who plasys David the set's joker? He couldn'r resist revelling in Kylie's discomfort, blabbing something like: "What wedding upset? Who said that? I never said anything".

Kylie's face had to be seen - one of:
'I've only just started my career and you're going to get me fired!' So David quickly stopped teasing her and laughing to camera added "We don't know anything" much to Kylie's obvious relief.

Right: Spoiler bit, or is it?
Anyway - the whole thing ended showing a clip of Leanne in her wedding dress in the wedding car, about to leave the street, when she suddenly gets the driver to stop and hitching her wedding dress legs it as fast as she can to Peter's flat, where she hammers on Peter's door looking frantic , biting her lip etc., etc.,

Everyone is calling her back to the wedding car, but to no avail, She's deaf to them.

Peter innocently opens the door without a care in the world, and Leanne bursts straight past him
pleading, demanding:

"We have to talk!"

Dragging a bewildered and powerless Peter inside with her and rapidly dissappearing upstairs, with the door slamming shut, leaving everyone shocked, with their mouths on the floor - and Eva with a grin as wide as the Mersey tunnel. Then the clip ended, so there.

Tvor said...

In many cases, the writers take their lead from the Soap Opera Standard Plotlines manual and if you've been watching soaps as long as I have, you can often predict things. It is good when they can pull off a surprise though it doesn't happen too often.

Janice said...

I don't soaps should rely on the mystery factor to pull in audiences. We watch sops not for the whodunnit but for the dialogue, the character and the acting. Producers should work on those rather than wasting time and energy on filming multiple endings and keeping the tabloids at bay. I read spoilers all the time but it does noes detract my enjoyment if the other factors are there. And if they are missing, even if the producer pull off a surprise, it is still a let down.


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