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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, December 10 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Dennis gets a new job and joins the long line of lollipop men and women who have held the post (geddit?) in Coronation Street. But he comes in for some stick when Steve nicks his stick after Dennis holds up the Streetcars cabs to let the kids cross the road to Bessie Street School.  Being a Lollipop Operative, or as I like to call them, Lollipoperative, is a job of some import, they’re there to ensure young and old cross the road in safety, so why Corrie have always made a joke of the job is beyond me. But maybe the chicken knows.

Gail is loving playing angel to Lewis’ devil, she’s even pushing him around the cobbles in a wheelchair while he recovers from the bad back he doesn’t have.  She does his cooking, his cleaning and all the while Lewis plays the charming house guest, ready to wreak his revenge in due course.  It’ll be quietly done, gentle, but it’ll be revenge, and oh yes, it will be wreaked.

Over at the Rovers, Tommy’s getting pints bought for him left, right and centre and he’s drinking them all, every last one.  Everyone’s assuming the baby Tina’s carrying is his and they all want to congratulate him but all Tommy wants to do is drown his sorrows.  And when they’re well and truly drowned, he blabs baby surrogacy news to the whole packed pub. And so, the secret’s out and so is Tommy when Tina chucks him from the flat.   

At the same time, David and Kylie have a falling out over babies and David ends up staying the night on the sofa in Tina’s flat. When Kylie finds out she’s straight round there with a crow bar trying to break the front door down and gets her revenge by snogging Tommy in full-frontal view of David in the Bistro.

Elsewhere this week, Peter and Carla return from America just as Leanne and Nick are ready to jet there to be wed.  The new Peter’s all laid-back and Californian, giving a sly smirk where once he’d have let rip with his fists and a few choice words after a bottle or two.  Carla heads back to the factory to give Rob a dressing down about the quality of knickers they’ve been stitching since she left.  Leanne decides she can’t leave Simon with Peter while she jets off to get wed and so cancels the wedding only for Nick to rearrange it for Christmas day in Weatherfield instead.  When Carla finds out that Leanne’s cancelled the wedding and she knows there’s still a spark between Peter and his ex, she handles things the only way she knows how – reaches for the bottle and drowns her sorrows, again.

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Anonymous said...

Because in NZ, the lollipop job is held by the schoolchildren themselves, they all learn sense of responsibilities etc.

Anonymous said...

The new Peter looks like he's had a few tokes...sorta all dreamy eyed.. and a little stupid at the same time.

Anonymous said...

In Canada, children act as school patrollers (lollipop folk) too, definitedly instills a sense of social responsibility.

I may be in the minority here, but I'm looking forward to Nick and Leanne getting married. Like Kylie and Eva, Nick has been growing on me as of late. He seems to genuinely love Leanne and perhaps he's the sort of bloke who tries hardest when his lady's affections are uncertain? Definitely creates a better balance of power, which I think he works better under. Looking at what he's done to help David/Kylie and Max, while also giving his mother employment, he does seem like a caring man underneath.

Frosty the Snowman said...

You may be looking forward to Leanne and Nick getting wed, but sadly I doubt if it will ever happen now Mr New and shiny teeth is back on t'Street.

Mary Prankster said...

Chris Gascoyne is such a wonderful actor that I positively loathe the odious Peter. He's not just a vicious drunk, he's devious, manipulative and selfish when sober. I sure hope Leanne makes sure her head rules her heart, and she sees clearly where her choice lies.
Peter's been in California, the land of beautiful plastic people, where the orthodontists are outnumbered only by the plastic surgeons, so it's no wonder that he's sporting shiny white teeth, set off by the melanoma-inducing tan.

Sky L said...

I'm sick of Nick and Leanne scowling and Peter is already playing games with them. Pretending to be happy for them when we all know he's not and will be doing his best to stop the wedding.

I don't know if Leanne and Nick will marry but I think the wedding day will be a disaster if Peter and Eva have got anything to do with it.

As for Carla. She needs to get Rob out of that office pronto! I guess she'll be drunk this week and then leave but I hope she'll sort them all out when she gets back!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing between Steve and Dennis is inane! Why would Steve pick on a senior citizen? Stupid storyline.

I hope Nick & Leanne get married. Peter has come back as a very sly ex-drunk. I don't like him. And I'm not looking forward to another ride on the Peter/Nick/Leanne/Carla merry-go-round. :-(

~JB in Canada

Kate said...

I agree with JB above. The whole Dennis/Steve thing felt a bit contrived and not in character for Steve (although the 'reveal' to Rita was classic Corrie). I also agree re P/N/L/C - let's have these characters involved in storylines that don't only revolve around each other.


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