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Thursday 13 December 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 13 December

Coronation Street, Thursday 13th December at 8.30pm

CARLA MAKES A DECISION ABOUT THE FUTURE. Carla’s stayed out all night and Peter’s fretting. Michelle reveals that Carla’s at her flat, having been taken in by the police for being drunk and disorderly. Carla opens up to Peter, explaining she can’t face living in Weatherfield with all its bad memories, she’s flying back to LA with or without him. Will Peter agree to move back to LA permanently and break Simon’s heart or is this the end for Peter and Carla?
STELLA CONTEMPLATES A REUNION WITH KARL. Stella receives a bouquet of flowers from Karl. She hurls them back at him but unmoved Karl tells her he still loves her and knows she has feelings for him. When he then asks her to meet him for dinner Stella’s flustered. Karl’s hopeful this is it and lying to Sunita he heads out. Meanwhile as Stella gets ready Jason compliments her outfit and Stella admits she’s on her way to meet Karl. She opens up about being lonely but Jason suddenly silences her with a kiss. As Karl rings Stella will she answer or give into passion with Jason?
TYRONE FINDS FIZ A JOB. Seeing Roy struggling on his own in the caf√©, Tyrone suggests that Fiz is out of work and could help out. Roy offers Fiz some shifts at the caf√©. Fiz is thrilled but Chesney’s puzzled when Roy reveals that Tyrone gave him the idea. As Fiz thanks Tyrone for recommending her to Roy, Chesney earwigs. What will he make of their friendly exchange?
Elsewhere Kirk worries when Beth says she expects a decent Christmas present.But when Chesney says he knows someone who’s looking to offload some frozen turkeys Kirk spots an opportunity. Dennis is missing his job and when Malcolm visits they hatch a plan to fight back.

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Anonymous said...

Why would Roy be struggling on his own in the cafe? Where is Madam Windass?

I've no idea why Stella would chuck that lovely bouquet. Take it, admire it, then tell Karl to get stuffed!

Good-bye Carla, can you please convince others to leave with you?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh so its Carla's turn to sing the overused old song that "she is leaving Weatherfield" when we all know she wont - there is at least one person a month that goes down (or doesnt) this same tiresome old road. TRIPLE YAWN!

Anonymous said...

I agree . Why is Roy short of help ? Will Carla really go ? Will Phil Collinson really go ? Will Eddie Windass want to see his grandchild ? Will Natasha come back with Nicks baby? Will there ever be a scene that Michelle Keegan isn't in? Will there b anything to laugh at like there used to be ?

Anonymous said...

Yawn - watched two episode tonight thanks to a great english friend - did Peter join a cult? He is acting weird I wouldn't want his around my children. Simon needs pulling up Leanne your acting was not believable and poor Carla the family running your business are treating you with contempt. I thought Rob was just out of prison a fresh start he should be grateful to Carla but is treating her as if a nasty smell is around when ever they are near each other. Been on one of those lunch dates think I would have just had the starter and say OOh sorry got an urgent message from work got to go - Lets hope things will improve.... can dream

Inland Revenue said...

Given that Carla's MO is stealing husbands, there is a shortage of those in Weatherfield. Ken, Roy and David are the only husbands left on the street. We are never told what Carla and Peter lived on in the US. The Facktry is always struggling and I expect Rob keeps a percentage, plus her rent/mortgage on her flat would still be due. The bookies is being run by Leanne but she must get a percentage as his ex, plus child support. Just saying.

ChiaGwen said...

Yes, just where is advice dispenser Anna Windass and wouldn't Roy know that Fiz had lost her job and if he is so short-handed, not offer her some help? Where is Carla's independent streak these days with the ever increasingly annoying Rob being so vile to her - the old Carla would have told him to shove off. Peter is most unsettling - too calm and are those new teeth - something radically different about his face other than the addition of hair.

Cheeky Corrie Canuck said...

I love how Carla is constantly referred to as a "husband stealer". She went after Liam, and she went after Peter...ummm so that's two out of five relationships? Tony wasn't married, Trevor wasn't married, and Paul, who was her husband for eight years before he died, wasn't married when they got together.

Seems like Carla gets quite the tongue-lashing from viewers for her behaviour but I can't quite put my finger on why. I mean after all, Maria had an affair with Charlie Stubbs, Leanne had an affair with her boyfriend Jamie's father AND her ex-husband Nick, (oh and I'm sure the escort service she worked for wasn't biased against married men either), Dierdre has had an affair or three with Mike Baldwin, and let's not get started on the men: Peter, Steve, Ken, Kevin...and these characters are not tagged by their behaviour why? hmm...methinks there is more to the Carla-hate than her two affairs with married men...

When all is said and done, it's a soap; therefore affairs, miscarriages, abortions, deaths, murders, tragic accidents are the central and underlying stories that are rehashed and spit out every couple of months.

I am personally bored of the Nick/Leanne/Peter/Carla love square, but damn it makes for good soap drama when two brilliant actresses like Jane Danson and Alison King put their everything into a staged catfight. Love it! Both actresses should be commended for their ability to make us both love and hate their characters at different stages and times.

What I would love to see is the writers focus on some consistency and continuity with their characters. This might be a case of 'too many cooks', or it might just be the usual device of trying to currently garner sympathy for Leanne at the present time by making Carla act completely vicious, cruel, and quite frankly out of character, and vice versa during the rape storyline last year.

I really like both characters because they are both trouble-finders, they are rough and selfish, but ultimately they have good hearts. Hopefully their friendship eventually comes back, because they were awesome together! :)

just my two cents

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly said. I agree with all of your comments!


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