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Friday 21 December 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Friday 21 December

Coronation Street, Friday 21st December at 7.30pm.

One episode only tonight, followed by ITV Text Santa which features a mini-episode of Corrie.  Full details here.

TYRONE AND FIZ FEAR THEIR SECRET’S OUT. Having made love, Tyrone assures Fiz he has no regrets and she’s made him feel happy for the first time in ages. As Tyrone goes to leave he kisses Fiz passionately in the ginnel, but Tina clocks their embrace sending Tyrone and Fiz into a panic. Tyrone goes after Tina, explaining that he’s in love with Fiz but has to marry Kirsty for the sake of securing his relationship with Ruby. Tina summons Fiz to her flat, where she’s surprised to find Tyrone. Is Tina about to blow the lid on their affair?
FISTS FLY AT THE NATIVITY. Peter and Leanne watch proudly as Simon gives a sterling performance in the nativity play. Nick arrives at the back of the hall and jealously surveys the scene. Pushing his way through the audience Nick furiously accuses Peter of making the hoax booking at the bistro to prevent him from watching Simon. Peter denies all knowledge and Leanne tells Nick to stop causing a scene. But Nick sees red and fists fly! Meanwhile having heard about the fracas Kylie asks Eva if she was behind the hoax booking.
KEVIN TAKES A SHINE TO JENNA. Kevin thanks Jenna for helping Sophie, but is there a glint of more than just appreciation from him?
Elsewhere Rob announces to the factory girls that he’s hoping to buy Underworld. Kirk asks Maria if Beth and Craig can move in for Christmas. Will Maria agree?

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Loon the Baloon said...

How many people can fit into Maria's small flat above the shop? Tell them to do one. Thought Tyrone was in terrible pain and could hardly move his arm or shoulder, now he is shagging Fizz!!!

Anonymous said...

Not another fistacuffs between Peter and Nick while Leanne carps on an on..and Simon is devastated...the last one bing at Simon's birthday many times is this going to be repeated before the viewers just tune out all together. Is it really that hard to find writers with imaginations? My 10 year old could do a better job!!

Danny-K said...

Ahh... but in tonight's scene, as the fists fly, Peter's swing misses Nick and accidentally hits the heckling harridan, Leanne.

Nick, now in uncontrollable fury with Peter, grabs him by the lapels and snarls into his face that as Leanne is his fiancée, if anyone has the right to punch Leanne it should be him, and promptly punches Leanne, who now is knocked out cold.

With silence descending, Nick and Peter call a truce and walk Simon home, with duck tape strapped across Simon's mouth to stop the squeals of: "Leanne!"

Humpty Dumpty said...

I mean, really, would anybody go storming into a school Nativity play? And, of course, even with a huge audience of parents (or it should be because *schools* not classes have these events), Nick will spot Peter immediately. I'm getting tired of suspending my disbelief. Boring and repetitive.

ChiaGwen said...

Agree Humpty, they could have had Nick confront Peter as they headed out after the play was finished. The way the three of them act, none of them deserve or have the right to look after Simon.

Janice said...

Danny K- you had me in stitches. I enjoyed that.

Anonymous said...

"kisses Fiz passionately in the ginnel" ??? Never heard it called that before


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