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Monday 17 December 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 17 December

Coronation Street, Monday 17th December at 7.30pm

FIZ HAS A LOVING BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR TYRONE. Tyrone’s keen to avoid a fuss on his 30th birthday and is pleased when Kirsty arranges a night out with the girls from work while he stays in with Ruby. (Kirsty is planning a surprise party for Tyrone in the pub.) Fiz is outraged that Kirsty’s leaving Tyrone on his own on his birthday and promises to call round while Kirsty’s out. But as Fiz arrives at No.9 with a card and cake for Tyrone, the Rovers is a hive of activity in readiness for the surprise party. At the house Tyrone and Fiz relax in each other’s company and begin kissing passionately. But when Kirsty – along with babysitter Emily – lets herself into the house, Fiz and Tyrone are panic-stricken. Are they about to be caught in the act?
LEANNE AND PETER CALL A TRUCE. Peter tells Leanne he’s returning to work at the bookies. He suggests they continue to share the business but work separate shifts. Nick’s not happy but grudgingly gives his blessing. However when Nick’s too busy to go ice-skating with Simon and Leanne, Simon insists they invite Peter instead. As he watches them leave Nick fights his emotions.
KARL TACKLES JASON OVER STELLA. Karl mocks Jason and Stella for their fling but they refuse to let him goad them. However when Stella then summons Karl to the pub, he presumes she’s had a change of heart.
Elsewhere Rob suggests to Michelle they borrow money from the bank and buy Underworld together. Beth’s dismayed when Peter gives her a month’s notice on the bookies flat. Meanwhile Chesney panics Kirk with the news that his turkeys are stolen goods.

Monday 17th December at 8.30pm

TYRONE’S FORCED TO NIP HIS AFFAIR WITH FIZ IN THE BUD. Tyrone covers whilst Fiz hides. Kirsty explains that Emily’s come to babysit so she can take him for a birthday drink. Tyrone has little choice but to agree and when he arrives at the pub to find Kirsty has arranged a surprise party he paints on a smile. At No.9 Emily’s fallen asleep and Fiz takes the opportunity to escape but she unwittingly drops her birthday card to Tyrone as she goes. Arriving at the pub Fiz feigns surprise that it’s Tyrone’s birthday. Catching a moment alone Tyrone insists that for Ruby’s sake they must stay away from each other. But as Tyrone and Kirsty return home, Kirsty spots the extra birthday card. Will Kirsty see red when she discovers it’s from Fiz?
LEANNE SKATES CLOSE TO THE WIND. Peter, Leanne and Simon go ice-skating. It’s almost like old times and it’s clear Peter and Leanne are enjoying themselves, something which Simon captures on camera. Will Leanne let her heart rule her head?
STELLA GIVES KARL SOME HOME TRUTHS. Karl lies to Sunita and slips out to meet Stella. He suggests to Stella it’s time they got back together, will Stella agree? As she makes her feelings clear to Karl, Stella decides to let Sunita know where she stands too!
Elsewhere Rob phones round his contacts hoping to persuade them to invest in Underworld, will he be in luck? Kirk and Chesney attempt to dispose of the stolen frozen turkeys in the canal. Will Kirk come clean to Beth about his failed business venture?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Fizz is really thick. She knows what Kirsty is like and what she is capable of - so what does she do, does she keep a low profile and use tact and diplomacy - drrr no the ginger twerp marches round to Tyrones with a card and a cake.

Anonymous said...

Turkeys in the canal, is that meant to be funny? Oh, bother.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I do wish they would show Kirk as a normal person and not keep wheeling him in as the resident clown. The turkeys in the canal story might have been funny thirty years ago with Stan and Eddie but not now. It's good to have comedy but let's have it woven in to plots rather than set pieces.

Danny-K said...

"Beth’s dismayed when Peter gives her a month’s notice on the bookies flat."

Err... script fact fail!

I take it Beth pays rent?

Because I don't know what CaliforneeIA Pete's been told whilst out there, but here in the UK, the law says the tenant has to be given a 6 MONTH notice of termination of tenancy - in writing!

Beth would be entitled to compensation and Pete prosecuted if she's made to moved out in only a month.

Danny-K said...

If Kirk can afford to throw away the turkeys - where will he find the money to pay for them, seeing as he's too skint to afford a high-maintenance gift for Beth in the first place?

Perhaps he could get a loan to pay for them from Kirsty and Tyrone. Cue scary theme tune to Hitchcock's Psycho.

Danny-K said...

Might have been guilty of shooting from the hip in the rent post above.

My original point stands though - Peter as a landlord is breaking the law by issuing only a ONE month notice to quit to Beth, especially if he compounds it by ignoring what's left to run on Beth's tenancy agreement.

The actual Act is clearer than my preamble it says:

"To end a shorthold tenancy the landlord must give at least two months' notice under Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act.
The notice cannot take effect for at least six months or until the original agreed term has expired."


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