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Friday 21 December 2012

Fiz is Tyrone's lifeline

I've just got to weigh in on the current Kirsty and Tyrone storyline since I've been glued to the screen this week. David wrote about it earlier in the week and I could echo every one of his sentiments.

Over the past few months, as Kirsty and Tyrone's story unfolds and more layers are revealed, pretty much everyone has been unanimous in their praise for actors Alan Halsall, Natalie Gumede and Jennie McAlpine, with her addition to the storyline.

This week, Fiz and Tyrone fell back into love and there have been mutterings and more than one set of eyes rolling at the temerity of the writers to stick a romance into the middle of this. Crying "foul", those fans feel it isn't realistic. Some also feel that at some point, Tyrone would lash out in defence. How could you help not defending yourself?

Tyrone and Fiz have a long history, including one of romance. They've stayed good mates over the years through other relationships. With the discovery of what Tyrone is going through, Fiz's feelings have grown from concern for a friend to a renewal of love. When she admitted her feelings, Tyrone jerked back and was shocked to his core. "No!!", he cried. It seemed to be the last thing he wanted but that's because he was scared of what would happen if Kirsty found out. Sure, Tyrone does love Fiz. Is this romance realistic?

The way I see it, Tyrone does love Fiz. And I do think this scenario is realistic but it may not be "true" love in the traditional sense. I think Tyrone is drowning and Fiz is his rescuer. He's going down fast and every time he cowers, every new bruise he suffers, he sinks a little further. He can't go under because he needs to keep going for the baby's sake but he's more and more desperate every day. Fiz is his lifeline.

They certainly are playing with fire by having an affair under the violent Kirsty's nose and they're both going to pay for it in capital letters. Kirsty is very good at manipulation and can turn things and popular opinion to her side with skill.

Kirsty is not a likeable woman because we see her temper and her rage and we fear for Tyrone's safety and mental health. But man, oh man, is Natalie Gumede turning in a top notch performance? Is she ever! She runs hot and cold, soft as a kitten and hard as nails, turning on a dime. Her face is set in stone but her eyes flicker and you think Kirsty is often battling herself and her past. She and Alan Halsall are most definitely bringing the best out in each other and their scenes are stunning and riveting.

There are a lot more sides and layers yet to be told in this story. Corrie most definitely got it right when they hired Natalie and used these two to tell the story.

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Anonymous said...

Great storyline...Fiz and Ty..awww..I'd like to say I hope it turns out happily for them but..this is soapland so you never know!!
Tina gave Ty her spare watch...Kirstie will find it and Ty is in for another whoppin'.

Hopeful said...

Natalie is brilliant in this role!

Anonymous said...

No... can't say that Tyrone comes across that well as an abused husband. And Kirsty for all her pouting and pursed lips and bulging eyes doesn't come across convincingly as a husband beater who goes from 'monster' to whimpering/guilty wife in thirty seconds. I wish the storyline were handed to more capable actors who could give a better more compelling performance.

Glenda Young said...

Couldn't agree more. I watched the episode this week when Kirsty slammed the door on Tyrone with my hands over my face and tears in my eyes. I was truly gobsmacked and really felt the pain for Tyrone, while still, still, having some understanding of what emotional turmoil Kirsty must have suffered as a kid at the hands of her dad. Riveting and it'll be very interesting to see how this story plays out.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I think this is a good storyline and portrayed mostly well by Tyrone and Kirsty. However, this silly 'romance' with Fizz and Tyrone has spoilt it a bit for me. Why couldnt they just be friends, why do we have to have a love interest brought in? As for that snogging in the ginnell yesterday - the pair of them are so darn stupid and thick that its difficult to show the sympathy for them that is obviously desired.

Dolly Tubb said...

I like the romance between Fiz and Ty, it's a really natural progression of the story. He needs a lifeline to drag him out of his personal hell and Fiz is a logical choice - his friend and confidante, plus they already have history. And it's ironic that this is the situation that Kirsty's aggressive jealousy was trying to avert and has actually ended up happening. I hope it isn't just a rebound thing on Ty's part, although I can imagine that there is an element of that under the circumstances.

As has been said, this really is an amazing storyline with superb acting and writing. Well done all concerned. I hope Fiz and Ty eventually end up together too.

Tvor said...

That was my point, Dolly. Tyrone is trying to keep his head above the waterline.

Anonymous said...

Wanna take bets that Fiz'll be pregnant from that one trip upstairs with Ty?

~JB in Canada

Joseph said...

Look, I'm not against a Fiz/Tyrone combo but I just think that it's come a little too soon for me. It's only a matter of weeks since Fiz became involved in this storyline and she's already declaring her love for Ty? Doesn't ring true for me.

To be honest, I would have liked to see Fiz struggle with her feelings as well. There's been none of that from her side. This romance has been more 'I married a now deceased teacher-turned serial killer, and you're engaged to a maniac, but at least we've got each other.' So I'm not feeling a lot of sympathy for Fiz in all of this.

This storyline may have missed a few beats but it's so damn good! And I can't stress enough how brilliant an actress Natalie Guemede is. When she seems normal, like a couple of days ago when she organised a surprise 30th birth day bash for Tyrone, I cannot help but like her. Other times, like when she's hitting Tyrone, I really dislike her but I can't hate her because she is really messed up.

I just hope this storyline doesn't conclude with a dead Kirsty because they need to keep this character around.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I think it's lovely she is there for him. I've always thought Fiz and Tyrone should be together. They work very well together.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I also think the Tyrone/Fiz relationship has been too quick. Given the slow burn of the main storyline, why couldn't this have happened at a slower pace, even bringing Fiz into the story at an earlier point? The same criticism applies to Paul and Eileen, and Marcus and Maria.

Anonymous said...

But that is precisely how most domestic violence perpetrators behave, it is very true to life, one minute braying the hell out of their partner and the next telling them they love them,it won't happen again etc...and getting the victim to believe they were somehow responsible for the perpetrators actions. This is exactly why domestic violence victims end up in a vicious cycle and don't leave their violent partners.


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