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Monday, 17 December 2012

Carry On Corrie

Beth Tinker? Let's hope not!
As well as loving Coronation Street, I have a soft spot for that other great British institution, the Carry On films. 

I've spent many happy hours since I was a boy watching these classic comedy films, enjoying perfomances from the likes of Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims and Sid James.

As I settled down the other day to watch Carry On Christmas with my litre of eggnog and a box of mince pies, I wondered which Corrie characters would be great in a Carry On film. 

Carry On Screaming, it's Carla!
Naturally I can see Sean Tully as a cut-price Charles Hawtrey, but that's blindingly obvious. However there are so many possibilities to choose from, I thought I would throw this open to my lovely friends on the Coronation Street Blog.

So which Corrie characters would you cast in a right old Carry On? 

Would Eileen Grimshaw dazzle as Joan Sims? Can you see Steve McDonald as the next Sid James?
Fiz-Bomb would be a natural

What about Beth Tinker as a bubbly Barbara Windsor? Fiz as the be-gingered Patsy Rowlands? And Carla would obviously be perfect casting as Fenella Fielding.

So let's Carry On Up the Cobbles! 

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Danny-K said...

Norris for the Kenneth Williams character. He'd be a natural fit for William's lines as:

Ooh the infamy! The infamy! They've all got it in for me!

Eileen for the Hattie Jaques character, because she has that knowing look.

And Gail as little Charles Hawtrey.

Jason Jones said...

Amanda Barrie(Alma Sedgewick) was in Carry On Cabbie.

Johnny briggs(Mike Baldwin)was in a couple. Carry on England was one of them.

Can not remember anyone else!!!!!

Loon the Baloon said...

Amanda Barrie was Cleopatra in Carry on Cleo not in Carry on Cabbie I dont think

Danny-K said...

Jed Stone (Kenneth Cope)was in them too. Last seen in Corrie being terrorised by mad-dog killer Tony Gordon.

Anonymous said...

yep Amanda Barrie was in Cabby and Cleo.

Anonymous said...

Kirky could be Bernard Breslaw, always getting things wrong and physically bumbling.

Bendy Wendy said...

Betty Driver = Hattie Jacques. Separated at birth.

Malcolm Hebden has the diction and mannerisms to be Kenneth Williams.

Bradley Walsh has got to be in there somewhere.

Billy Niblick said...

Tyrone Dobbs, played by Jack Douglas.

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