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Friday 14 December 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 14 December

Coronation Street, Friday 14th December at 7.30pm

CARLA AND PETER BID THEIR FAREWELLS TO THE STREET. Carla shocks Peter by revealing she’s booked them a flight to LA that afternoon. Peter dreads saying goodbye to Simon. At Underworld Carla tells Michelle and Rob she’s moving back to LA permanently and drops the bombshell that she’s selling the factory. Rob rails at Carla for dumping him and Michelle after they kept the business afloat. Carla offers them first refusal but Rob knows he’ll never raise the money. Michelle softens as Carla explains how unhappy she is but will Rob makes amends with his sister before she goes? Meanwhile Ken tries to dissuade Peter from leaving. As they prepare to depart for the airport will Peter be able to face leaving Simon again?
STELLA AND JASON CARRY ON. Stella and Jason are like teenagers after spending the night together. But when Eva arrives at the pub, Stella bundles Jason out of the back door in his boxers. Shivering Jason creeps home along the ginnel and astonishes Eileen and Paul by arriving in only his pants. Hacked off that she didn’t turn up last night Karl tackles Stella, will she reveal she got lucky with someone else? At No.11 Stella returns Jason’s clothes, as the air crackles with sexual tension are they about to be caught in the act by a returning Eileen?
CHESNEY CONFRONTS TYRONE. Chesney’s suspicious when Fiz lies that she hasn’t spoken to Tyrone recently. He confides in Katy that he thinks Fiz is having an affair with Tyrone. How will a horrified Tyrone react when Chesney accuses him of sleeping with Fiz?
Elsewhere Craig helps Kirk store his frozen turkeys in the butcher’s shop. Beth’s impressed by their enterprise, anticipating a prosperous Christmas. Lloyd reports to Steve that all of their drivers are being held up by lollipop men across town. Steve orders Dennis to call off his sabotage but Dennis refuses unless Steve speaks to Brian and withdraws his allegations.

Friday 14th December at 8.30pm

CARLA’S BOARDING A PLANE WITH OR WITHOUT PETER. Leanne receives a phone call from Brian, informing her that Simon’s gone missing from school. As she and Nick set off to search for him, Leanne fears Peter has him. In the airport car park, Peter answers a call from a frenzied Leanne about Simon going missing. Peter swears he’s not with him but they’re gobsmacked when Simon turns up at the airport. He explains he’s come to say goodbye. As they have a heart-to-heart Carla’s uneasy, not wanting to miss the plane. But will Peter be able to leave his son for Carla?
STELLA AND TOY-BOY JASON ARE EXPOSED. Eileen blasts Stella for seducing her son. Stella’s mortified and flees the house, Jason in hot pursuit. Gail witnesses the commotion and when Karl appears she fills him in. Karl tells Jason that Stella’s merely using him but defiant Jason warns him to back off. However as the rumour spreads through the pub Stella’s rattled. Jason’s keen to confirm their fling but is Stella ready to hold her head high and face the gossips?
CHESNEY’S SUSPICIONS ROCK THE BOAT FOR TYRONE. Rattled Tyrone denies to Chesney that there’s anything between him and Fiz. Ches is unconvinced and warns Tyrone to stay away from her. Fiz promises to deal with Chesney. Her hand forced she confirms there is something going on but not an affair and he can’t tell anyone. Will Chesney accept this?
Elsewhere Lloyd and Steve are dumbfounded when a troupe of lollipop men and women traipses down the street and block their cabs in. Theyrefuse to budge until Steve apologises and clears Dennis’ name. Will Steve back down?

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone doubt that Peter and Carla won't get on the plane? Here is the problem with five episodes per week - stories have to be strung out as much as possible however incredible.

Is there any point to Jason, aprt from parading around in his boxers?

Dilly Daydream said...

I am fed up with the lollipop saga already - Steve has gone from one of my favourite characters to one of the worst. Time he grew up I think.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Eileen who was boinking poor demented Leslie's husband right under her nose?
Also..what's with the repeat performance of Carla and Peter and the tearful goodbye at the airport with Simon? Wasn't this done 6 months ago? We all know that they aren't going anywhere because they just got back from being off for 6 months. Wish I could do that. Just tell my boss I need a 6 month break and it's just going to be fine..I don't think so.
Anway, if the writers can't think of anything other than re-hashing the same scenes over and over again ad naseum..they need to be replaced. We know that Peter is going to get back with Leanne so this whole lead in is pointless IMO

Danny-K said...

"STELLA AND TOY-BOY JASON ARE EXPOSED. Eileen blasts Stella for seducing her son. Stella’s mortified and flees the house, Jason in hot pursuit."

- Is Stella about to become
'interesting'? I'll say it for you: Don't be silly!

That's the problem for Stella having a toy-boy - being older than toy-boy's mum!

Now if they truly wanted to make Stella 'interesting' they'd have had her hard-facing it out with Eileen, rather than trying to get the viewers to empthaise with Stella's inner turmoil of 'morality'.

ChiaGwen said...

Could Eileen get any more ridiculous? Jason isn't 14-yrs old, he is a grown man so none of her business if he is having a fling with an older woman. Too bad Jason didn't remind Eileen of the Paul boinking behind Leslie's back scenario.

Mrs. Robinson. said...

Given that Jason has boinked the prettiest girls i=on the street:Candice, Sarah, Maria, Tina, Eva, Violet, Rosie, wouldn't Stella's saggy body be a let down. He obviously works out and cares about physical beauty.He already has mother figure in his life. The plot does not for me.

Anonymous said...

@Mrs. Robinson-Don't forget that Jason has already boinked the older Mrs.Fanshaw(Ali King)now Carla Connor and who can forget when Jason tried to get it on with Gail(Helen Worth was 53 at the time)& Jason 18 yuck!!

Anonymous said...

My son's friend is a very good looking very very well put together young man...and goes for the older ladies - 15-20 years older!! He likes the older head drama..these women know what they, sex and more sex so he's good with that! We kid him about finding his next girlfriend in the nursing home. Jason and Stella having a fling is quite plausible IMO.


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