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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Classic Corrie documentary from 1972

Earlier today I stumbled on a fascinating Coronation Street documentary on t'internet. The programme is from 1972 and features very interesting interviews with H.V Kershaw, Peter Adamson (Len); Doris Speed (Annie); Violet Carson (Ena) and a fresh faced Bill Roache. It's great to hear from these Street legends - I think it is the first time I've seen Doris Speed and Violet Carson appear as themselves on screen. 

What I found particularly interesting was the actors' views on how being in Coronation Street had changed their lives, particularly in relation to being recognised by the general public. It made me wonder what the original and much missed stars of the Street would make of the media and public attention today's actors receive! I also found it very amusing when Bill Roache talks about his plans to leave Corrie at some point in the future! Well Bill, forty years later and you're still our Ken!

The documentary is in two parts, the first part can be found here

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1 comment:

BarrieT said...

i stumbled upon this about a year ago on you tube and found it fascinating too. At the time Peter Adamson was still battling alcoholism according to Bill Podmores biography so he hadn't really changed.

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