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Sunday 23 December 2012

Coronation Street weekly awards, December 17 - 21

Deja Vu award: Emily babysitting and dozing on the sofa. Is she dreaming of Richard Hillman? The back door was unlocked, too. You'd think she'd be a bit more cautious, considering.

Hypocrite award: Tyrone might have been sincere about how he feels about family but he wasn't about making his future with Kirsty.

Carla, Who? award: Peter is wasting no time attempting to skate back into Leanne's affections under the guise of expressing regrets and making apologies.

Shout out to the past award: Tyrone remembering the burger van he ran with Molly.

Sour grapes award: Hey Karl, insulting the new fella isn't going to make St. Ella feel warm and fuzzy about the old one.

Good answer award: Craig told his mother he wasn't in school because it was a teachers' shopping day! Ha!

Headline Win: "Canal Turkey Mystery Dumper" Superb!

Christmas Fail award: Poor Kirk. Stolen turkeys. Having to buy the rest outright and Beth's son had to buy the present for Beth.

Lines of the week:

Kirk about the floating turkeys "When you suggested chucking them in the canal, I thought you must know something I didn't" (about ice floating)
Kirsty "Nothing's gone wrong. It's all been perfect!" (Phrase of doom alert!"
Vicar "A wedding is a lifetime promise"
Fiz "I'm crawling round bins in back alleys  in the middle of the night. Freezing. And why? Because I gave a mate a card on his birthday"
Ken "We both try to get away from this street and we never quite manage it." Peter "Does that mean I'm going to end up like  you?" Ken "Afraid so" (You're already there, mate)
Sean "We're not going to all turn up wearing sackcloth and ashes" Kirsty "I want this to be a night he'll never forget" (you can bet on it!)
Rob "What's all the fuss about" Stella "Tyrone's birthday" (big, big signs on all the walls. Take a look around you)
Kirk "I'm dead meat." Craig "A bit like that turkey"
Tina "Take her to court, don't take her up the aisle"

And a last peek at the cutting edge of Christmas Fashion!

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty awards:
Most pathetic attempt at “humour” award: Turkeygate, not funny, just a complete waste of screen time. When IS the old butchers going to be let?

Most indiscreet lovers award: Fuzz and Tyrone. Why does she keep poking and mauling him when he is supposed to be in agony with the shoulder? Wondered why they were snoggin in the ginnell when I realised if was so someone could catch them and lo and beyond Tina did. Too busy shaking my head in disbelief at their idiotic behaviour to feel any empathy with them I am afraid.

Totally out of character award: Nick quite incredibly thumping Peter at the nativity in front of loads of kids – eh? Nick is usually the sensible one – the voice of reason and just would not behave like that. Last year it was Saint Peter that ruined it falling in drunk. Obviously taking it in turns.

Deal that wont do ahead award: All this nonsense with Rob cooking the books and throwing his weight around to try and buy the faktry. We all know Carla will soon be returning and its all just a (rather tiresome) filler.

Bless his cotton socks award: Craig selling his IPod so he could get his mother that necklace. This character could be excellent and should be used, instead of flaming Tina in almost every scene.

Fill ya boots award: Stella and Jason, she may be knocking 50 but she still has a cracking body. They are both single, so why not. Go on love you deserve it. And Eileen – zip it.

Character ruination award: Karl, now a sad pointless loser with nowhere to go. John Michie is such a good actor as well, a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

Where have we seen this before..poor little Simon getting his heart broken by either: His dad ruining his birthday by clocking Nick in the Bistro or, Nick ruining his big night at the Nativity play by clocking Peter. Leanne carping on and on as usual while Dreary and Ken shake their heads dismally.


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