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Sunday 30 December 2012

Coronation Street weekly awards, December 24 - 28

Secrets and Lies award: Kylie and Nick have a very big secret. Rob is lying to Carla about the factory evaluation. Tyrone is lying to Kirsty and having a secret affair with Fiz. Sophie's got a secret crush on Jenna and Jenna just might have one in return but that's a secret too!

Ulterior motive award: Don't say you did it for Nick, Eva, you did it for yourself and revenge on Leanne.

It's not my fault award: Leanne tore three strips off Peter, blaming him for everything. Well yes it was his fault for running after her the minute Carla left him but Leanne shouldn't have been with Nick anyway.

Ms. Obvious Award: Sophie can protest all she likes. She's clearly got a thing for Jenna. 

Compromise Fail award: Why is it always the women that have to give in and make the first move in a stalemate?

Performance of the week: Jane Danson. Drunk, scared, defiant, angry, emotions of Leanne all over the place. Riveting.

Colly wobbles award: Leanne got the shock of her life when she went to Peter and found Carla back.

Guilt Trip award: Kylie's feeling guilty. So she should, too. But Gail complimenting her only made her feel worse. So she nearly guilt tripped all the way to St. Lucia.

Who's the Daddy storyline cliche: Oh come on. She shags Nick and then (probably) has makeup sex with her husband and you don't think Kylie's going to get pregnant? Spoilers aside, it's inevitable. It's soap law!

Hotel Fail award: Seriously? Would a real hotel desk clerk take visitors up to the honeymoon suite the morning after the wedding (she wouldn't necessarily know it was off) and *then* ask the occupant if it's ok?

Lines of the week:
Mike Baldwin channeling award: Compared to hard case Rob, Mike Baldwin was a pussy cat! Merry flamin' Christmas, Robbo! At least he got taken down a peg or two now Carla's back for good.
Roy "I've got a new recording of Chopin's Nocturnes to enjoy and a weighty Trollop to deal with" (Oh?)
Gail to Kylie "It's not giving in. It's growing up" (so why is it always the women that have to "grow up", not the men?)
Deirdre "We've got to watch the turkey and stuff It's A Wonderful Life"
Leanne to Peter "I think I preferred you more when you reeked of whiskey, cigarettes and sick" and "It's turkey"
Audrey to Eva "If you lived in Liverpool, you'd have had these (rollers) in since Saturday, Done your weekly shop, and gone clubbing!"
Leanne to Peter. "Is that how it works? First come first served?"
Christmas toast from Craig "To the Zoo!"
Stella to Eva "So you punished her for telling me a few home truths, over bagging a man you couldn't keep!"
Peter "For once, that's not my fault" (oh yes it is! kind of)
Marcus "Did you think it was a phase, my queer years!"
Marcus "Sean you're better than this" Sean "I'm SO not"
Kylie "You don't get rid of me that easy" (apparently he does)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty Awards:
Supersonic speed transport award: Marcus’ parents hailed from Dorking which is a very nice place in the green belt South – just thought I would tell the writers as they obviously haven’t got a clue – there is no way they could do a round trip from there to the outskirts of Manchester in one day – it would take about 8 hours – and on Christmas day as well. Do please do a bit of research before you start and don’t just put a pin in a map!!!

A very unlikeable side to him award: I actually thought Marcus was pretty churlish and dismissive towards his parents on Christmas day. So they were happy he was in a hereto relationship and they may have the chance of grandchildren – so what, it was obvious they had his best interest at heart and had come to see him to bury the hatchet. To act like a sulky rude brat and then just disappear to Sean’s was totally ill mannered – Frosty just hopes Marcus and the arm folder are not going to become an item again in 2013 – so not credible, especially after Sean’s bad behaviour.

Unprofessional and indiscreet hotel award: Really would any hotel ring a guests place of work and leave a message with the cleaner that an ear-ring has (oh so conveniently) been left behind? Everyone has a mobile phone these days, most things are booked on line, and they would have contacted Nick by that if at all. They wouldn’t turn up at the bedroom door with Gail and David Platt in tow either.

Getting back to his old self award: Now the tan is fading and he is back to chain smoking outside, Peter is soon getting back to his old selfish self and ‘LA’ seems a long way away. I am totally expecting to see him wearing the stinky battered old leather jacket before very long and hitting the Smirnoff. I think everybody is totally sick of the Carousel of this foursome now despite their excellent acting skills.

Idiot death wish texts award I thought Tyrone had given that phone to Fizz for emergencies not a load of old codswallop texting day and night constantly – how annoying is that tone on her phone and why do they have their real names on it? – Its pretty obvious Kirsty is going to catch them out. A couple of total and absolute half wits that are a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

More Astoundingly Foolish behaviour award: Ches mentioned ‘the landlord’ the other day so the house is rented and it his responsibility to repair the boiler - that is what you pay rent for. Katie who also lives there has a dad who owns a building business and would know someone kosher to repair it if his daughter and grand child were getting cold – but DRRR of course nobody but the village idiot Tyrone can come and fiddle with it. Tyrone and Fizz instead of being the star crossed lovers that are supposed to be eliciting sympathy are annoying the pants off me and I would like to see them both blown to Kingdom Come. BOOM BOOM BYE!!

Mrs Barton said...

THOSE BLOODY TEXTS ! Such a stupid way to ruin a good storyline (Fiz/Ty)
Line of the week for me also included- "I swear on Simon's Life" Ooh my whole house took a sharp intake of breath on that one Peter you scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Garbage plot so Kylie gets pregnant...the morning after..Kylie wakes up with not a smudge of make-up or her hair out of place in spite of (I'm presuming) wild quickie sex with Nick. I will also presume that they were both bladdered but their eyes popped open, both bright eyed and up they got..not a hangover between the two of them.Now we'll have to listen to a lame explanation as to how Kylie got pregnant while she was on the pill.

Anonymous said...

Dumb as a sock of soup...Gail and idiot boy David cannot put two and two together. Kylie didn't come home all night..Nick had a woman in his room. Geez..I wonder who it was...durrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Moneybags Award Gold Medal. Nick drives a huge car, can afford to pay for a big wedding, honeymoon in St Lucia and the next wedding too. All on the proceeeds of a backstreet bistro with about 6 tables.

Moneybags Award Silver Medal. A couple of months ago, Kylie and David couldn't afford to buy Max a pair of trainers. Now Kylie can afford to fly him to Barbados.

Moneybags Bronze Award. Gail manages to pay for Christmas and Wedding presents and then take all the family out for a slap up meal at the Bistro on a cleaner's wage.

Not much evidence of the real world in Coronation Street.

Tvor said...

Becky probably paid for the plane tickets. Gail probably has a bit of savings.

Humpty Dumpty said...

With so many unlikely scenarios - the hotel receptionist apparently forgetting about the room phone;money becoming available out of thin air etc - you get the feeling that the writers have simply given up. Imagine the writers conference: "This bit's not logical." "Does it matter? Really, the viewers are so picky." And while we can fill in most gaps in continuity and authenticity, the writing should give a hint of why events are taking a particular turn eg: Tyrone only had to say to Fiz that he wasn't prepared to go to court for a DNA test and thought marriage was the best option. There you go, picky again.

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be a working class area of Salford where money is tight. And it is, until it suits the convenience of the writers to conjure money from somewhere.

Instead of milking every story to the maximum, maybe the writers could take some care to explain why no-one in Weatherfield is feeling the pinch. Perhaps it could have been said IN THE SHOW that Becky offered to pay for a trip to Barbados as a Christmas present.

Janice said...

And Carla flying back and forth. Before Frank Foster was killed the faktry was laying off people. That is why Sally, Eileen and Becky ended up working for Frank. Now Carla has money for live in LA for six months and lots more to fly back and forth.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Don't know exactly what time Marcus & co had their Chrisssy dinner, but I'm guessing it was early afternoonish, a bit later than normal due to the fact that his parents had a 4hr drive, (his explanation to Beth).
Marcus told Sean he'd just spent 4hrs with his parents, and the mother's watch looked to say around 6.30ish when they were leaving.

Now personally I would rather stick pins in my eyes than drive 4hrs in the dark, but there are some who love driving and wouldn't give it a second thought, so I don't understand why it would be so "unbelievable".

I really like that Fiz & Tyrone have got together again. It was Fiz who gave Tyrone the phone, not for use in an emergency, but because she knew crazy Kirsty checks his. I agree they're walking a thin line meeting in the ginnel and txting back and forth as they are, but Tyrone would have gone round the twist by now without her and after all, it is soap land and that's what happens there.


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