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Friday 28 December 2012

Kylie's pregnant - but who's the daddy?

After Christmas day shenanigans between Nick and Kylie on what should have been Nick's wedding day, it's now been confirmed (via Digital Spy) that Kylie will indeed fall pregnant. 

No flies on us here on the Coronation Street Blog for prediciting that Soap Plot No. 257 (subsection a) would come into play!

Digital Spy reports that Ben Price, who plays Nick, told Inside Soap magazine: "Of course Nick's one-night stand with Kylie will come back to haunt him. There's just no way something like that can be hidden on the Street. If I was Nick's mate, I'd tell him not to dig any more holes for himself and leave Weatherfield for good. But I don't want to do myself out of a job!"

In a further twist to the tale, reports have confirmed that an enemy will discover that David may not be the father of Kylie's baby as the storyline progresses. This development takes place in a few weeks' time, adding even more pressure to Kylie's situation.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

So absolutely predictable trite and may I say BORING. Anyone would know this rubbish was coming. Another whose the daddy story. Shame on Nick and Kylie for behaving in this way. when is the new producer starting? He seriously needs to kick some ass.

Laura said...

Number one: Wasn't she still on the pill?? This is ridiculous. How many times will this stale storyline be utilized? It's like school girls are writing the scripts. Come on, this show should be better than that!

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon!!! Sheesh, so of course Kylie is the .00001% who gets pregnant while on the pill, but it only happened with Nick and not David. Really? We have to swallow this?

I suppose Fiz will get preggers too with Ty before he gets the chance to pull off this ridiculous idea of marrying Kirsty.

Hey, let's have Stella get pregnant by Jason while we're at it. Why not, eh?

Scripts are becoming wayyyy too boring. Will we see Kylie on Jeremy Kyle?

~JB in Canada

Tvor said...

You could see that coming a mile away and yeah, very cliche and YET ANOTHER FRIGGING BABY on the street! Presuming that she had makeup sex with David it really could be either's.

Anonymous said...

This is getting ridiculous it won't be long before there are more babies than adults on the Street.
How can you have a decent programme with nothing but babies?
It appears that Collinson is bound and determined to totally destroy the Street before he goes, there is no way to get rid of that many babies or have that many babies and have any credible storylines when the new producer takes over. They might as well cancel it now as have it die under a pile of diapers.

Janice said...

. This is a rehash of the Tracy/Steve/Becky plot. On this street it either takes only one try to make a baby or it is impossible. I suppose the twist with David is he is firing blanks all of a sudden because a horrible accident with perm solution.

Mary Prankster said...

I'm going on record now in saying that although Nick and David are HALF-brothers, a DNA test of Kylie's progeny will show enough difference to indicate clearly which is the father, so we'll not tolerate any nonsense about that! However, this is Corrie, so the writers will no doubt draw this out as long as possible before making the facts clear.
We can only hope that the new producer will have more regard for accuracy where new technologies and British law are concerned, and even a willingness to consult experts, so that viewers are not required to suspend disbelief on a daily basis, as we are at present. It's as though the current producer is finding as many ways as he can to leave as many implausible storylines as possible for the new guy to have to deal with, thereby jeopardizing the future of this institution!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the plot was Kevin/Molly/Tyrone..who was the daddy..another storyline rehashed..oh what's the point of it anyway. I could tune in 10 years from now and the writers would be doing the same thing.
Time to tune out I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for the new Producer inheriting this rubbish. I was going to rant for a bit about how bad this is, but why should I care when clearly those involved in making the programme couldn't care less about it's quality.

abbyk said...

I don't have an issue with babies as much as the number of mystery dads there are on one street. Amber, Amy, Simon, Jack, Jenna, Christian, geez, has anyone ever figured out how to use birth control or at least stayed with their partner for more than a 1 night stand?


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