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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 48 and 47

48. Percy Sugden 1983-1997 (30 votes)

Nosy parker Percy was the caretaker of the Community Centre between 1983 and 1988 and was seen as a reincarnation of Albert Tatlock – the flat cap, the glasses and his tendency to bore people rigid about WWII. The way he talked, it was like he was in the trenches – in actual fact he worked in a mobile canteen! During his time on the street, he was constantly chased by blue rinsed Phyllis Pearce, to his annoyance. Although he resisted Phyllis’ affections, he was briefly engaged to Maud Grimes in 1994. When he was forced to retire in 1988, Percy found lodgings with Emily Bishop, who he held a torch for. A double act developed and although Percy annoyed Emily at times, he was her rock during her breakdown in 1992. The partnership ended when Percy decided to move to retirement home Mayfield Court in 1997, exasperated by new neighbours from hell the Battersbys.

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47. Tina McIntyre 2008- (32 votes)
The feisty Rovers barmaid who was initially introduced as the girlfriend of David Platt. Over the last four years, she has had many conquests – Jason Grimshaw, Nick Tilsley, Graeme Proctor, Matt Carter and now Tommy Duckworth. She’s suffered much heartache and she’s only in her early twenties. She lost her dad Joe when he fell off a boat and drowned in the Lake District; she had a secret abortion; Graeme cheated on her with friend Xin; and currently she’s in a feud with Tyrone Dobbs’ fiancĂ©e Kirsty Soames.

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Pickledjo said...

I'm shocked Tina isn't higher. She slotted comfortably into the street and I am looking forward (fingers crossed) to her becoming a Duckworth and carrying on the legacy.

Adam Rekitt said...

I'm shocked Tina is in the top 60 at all. She's not feisty; she's rude and aggressive. A one dimensional, forgettable character who won't figure at all in polls like this after she has left the street.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree Adam. She is always in such a mood. - Micky

Anonymous said...

I WAS a fan of Percy. "Reincarnation of Albert Tatlock"? He certainly was. I certainly remember Albert charging around the district interfering in everybody's business. It was what he was best known for, wasn't it? Also, Percy never went on about the trenches, he went on about making gravy under shell fire. Do Coronation Street blog editors actually know the Street's past?

David said...

Percy was nothing like Albert at all! Albert was too busy complaining about his own miserable lot to bother with anyone else. He stuck his oar in with Ken a few times but Ken was like a son to him.

As for Percy, he's okay in small doses but usually I find quite irritating. I don't reckon much to Tina; after four years we still know nothing about what makes her tick. She's as much a blank slate now as she was the day she arrived. Michelle Keegan is capable of so much more.

Donna - Halifax said...

I liked old Piercy, annoying as he was, he was a rock, moral character,and that showed when he stood by Emily. Also when he dealt with the young ones, he wouldn't be swayed from he morals and that stands for something. As for Tina, she's angry, when she first came on the show she was fiesty had a sense of humor but not angry. Now she is angry all the time and is still grieving the lost of her dad and her baby. She never got help for having the abortion, and I feel Gail helped her make a decision she wasn't ready for, how old was she.The writers should deal with this, and return her to how she was when she first came on the show, better character to build on.


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