Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 19 April 2012

Coronation Street, Thursday 19th April at 8.30pm

TOMMY'S MONEY BRINGS UNWANTED INTEREST. Having heard all the stories about Terry, Owen wants part payment for his work on the bar up front. Under pressure Terry's forced to agree but it's clear money is tight. Tommy meanwhile is planning a round the world trip with Tina to get away from his dad but when Terry hears about Tommy's inheritance he has an idea. Arriving at the flat he puts on a show of contrition. How will Tommy react to Terry's sudden U-turn?
SUNITA AND KARL RESIST TEMPTATION. Stella's helping Emily, Rita and Gordon at Betty's house but with the pub now heaving Sunita's struggling and Karl steps into help. Returning from Betty's, Stella lays into Karl for ignoring her orders not to go near the till. Feeling patronised Karl later confides in Sunita. The attraction still there, can they continue to fight their feelings?
EMILY AND RITA MAKE A DISCOVERY. As Stella, Emily and Rita help Gordon sort through Betty's belongings they find a letter from Annie Walker, bequeathing the Rovers to Betty in 1984, before her son Billy took over insisting Annie wanted him to run the pub. Stella panics, does this mean her purchase of the pub was invalid? She begs Rita and Emily not to tell Gordon.
Elsewhere Carla struggles to manage Sally's expectations at the factory but knows she needs to keep her onside if she's going to invest.

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ChiaGwen said...

I realize they had to have Stella at Betty's house when they found the letter regarding the bequeathing of the Rovers but why on earth would she be helping clear out Betty's hosue....she knew her for five minutes. I would think Hayley, Roy or Dennis would be helping instead. That Stella just insinuates herself into every situation...most annoying.

Llifon said...

Rita, Emily and Deirdre would be better? Or Audrey?

ChiaGwen said...

Llifon: I didn't mention Rita or Emily because they were mentioned in the article and I think Audrey would be too preoccupied with David and the Salon...:-( Never thought of Diedre though..and Sally who has known Betty way longer than that darn Stella!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Too contrived. As if Rita would read out a private letter! It would have made more sense if Stella had found the letter and asked what it meant.

I had to laugh when I saw Terry's get-up. Wide lapels, dark shirt and pale tie. He might as well have had 'Wide Boy' written on his back. Was he wearing black brogues with white tips?!

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