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Monday 16 April 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 16 April 2012

Coronation Street, Monday 16th April at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here of Terry Duckworth's return!

TOMMY DUCKWORTH BRAWLS WITH A STRANGER. Nick's annoyed to see a sign outside the unit next to the Bistro announcing a 'new bar'. When he then sees Owen struggling to get Tommy's clapped out campervan moved from outside so he can have a skip delivered Nick quizzes him about who he's working for. Revealing the company is TD Enterprises Owen returns to the task of getting the van moved. With Tommy nowhere to be found a tow truck arrives and starts to lift the VW. Arriving back Tommy's aghast and berates the boss. He's quick to rise to the bait and a fight ensues. As Tommy brawls in the street Tyrone rushes over to pull the men apart. Only then does he realise just who Tommy's scrapping with - it's Terry Duckworth, Tommy's dad!
SAD NEWS REACHES THE STREET. Rita's looking forward to visiting Betty that afternoon as Gordon is here. But when a grim-faced Gordon comes into the pub everyone is shattered as he reveals Betty passed away during the night. Everyone is deeply saddened as the Rovers regulars realise this marks the end of an era.
DAVID'S PUSHED TO BREAKING POINT. Lewis is at the police station with Audrey as she receives a caution. He's persuaded her to plead guilty but it's under sufferance. Back on the street Audrey's unrepentant but as David and Kylie begin their revamp of the salon they're gutted to see all their customers pouring into Audrey's motor-home business. Refusing to take this lying down David picks up the phone. Elsewhere Carla realises that Ken is letting Leanne see Simon behind Pete r's back. As Leanne makes an emotional appeal, woman-to-woman, to see this is in Simon's interests what will Carla do? Karl and Sunita vow to put the past behind them.

Monday 16th April at 8.30pm
TOMMY BATTLES HIS EMOTIONS. Tommy and Terry are reeling but as Tommy holds out his hand to apologise Terry refuses to take it and drives off. In the pub Tommy's struggling to get his head round it and it becomes clear that Geoff and Doreen never really told Tommy what Terry is like. As the regulars insist that Terry's bad news Tommy gets angry, forcing Tyrone to tell him the awful truth - that his dad sold him, as a baby, to the Hortons. Seeing Tommy's distress Tina seeks Terry out demanding answers. As he confirms her worst fears he admits he never wanted a son and he still doesn't now. What will she tell Tommy?
THE STREET REACTS TO BETTY'S DEATH. As the residents offer their condolences to Gordon they're dismayed to hear he intends to have her buried in London . But as an impromptu memorial starts in the pub Gordon realises what an institution his mum was and resolves to rearrange the funeral in Weatherfield.
PETER’S KEPT IN THE DARK BY LEANNE AND CARLA. Aware that Leanne’s visiting Simon at the Barlows, Carla covers by suggesting she and Pete r make the most of their time alone together. Will Carla convince an oblivious Pete r to spend the afternoon with her or will he discover he’s being kept in the dark? Elsewhere David's timing is bad as he has the police threaten Audrey with harassment just after she's learnt of Betty's death. Karl feels emasculated by Stella who won't let him behind the bar despite how busy they are with Betty's 'memorial'.

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