Thursday, 26 April 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - No. 17

17. Elsie Tanner 1960-1973, 1976-1984 (95 votes)

Known as the first siren and femme fatale of Coronation Street, Elsie graced our screens for 21 years. An original character, Elsie worked her way through three marriages and 19 boyfriends. Mother to Linda and Dennis, Elsie was also a mother figure to Gail Potter, Suzie Birchall and Marion Willis. As well as her romantic liaisons, Elsie’s also remembered for her fiery catfights with the likes of Ena Sharples, Annie Walker and Hilda Ogden. Although they’re remembered for clashing, Elsie would later seek advice and comfort from old sparring partner Mrs Sharples and an example of this was when Ena prevented Elsie from committing suicide. Elsie returned the favour when she took in a homeless Ena in 1980. Elsie’s best friend was Len Fairclough who she dated in the 60s and who saw Elsie as the perfect wife. Elsie saw Len as her confidante and not her hubby and he was there for her during her turbulent marriages to Steve Tanner and Alan Howard. Elsie was genuinely happy when Len married Rita (who saw Elsie as a threat) and was devastated when he died in 1983. Elsie held many jobs over the years including clothes shop assistant/manageress, florist manager, hair salon manager, warehouse supervisor, factory supervisor and machinist and cafĂ© manager and waitress. Although she lived in Newcastle between 1973 and 1976, she left Weatherfield life for good in 1984 when she left for the Algarve with old flame Bill Gregory who she married over there. She lived a happy life in Portugal before she died in a car crash with Bill in 2004.

Should the original Street siren be at 17? Should she be in the top 10? Were you a fan? Leave a comment!

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Defrost Indoors said...

Very surprised not to see her higher.

Anonymous said...

This is getting silly now. I can imagine a oouple of characters above Elsie (Ena, Hilda) but few others, if any, can touch her immortality. Please don't tell me we're going to see vapid no-marks like Sian and Sophie in the top ten.

Anonymous said...

I didn't care about Annie or others, but I was surprised to see that Elsie is not in the top 10. Pity, but fair enough.

Sian wasn't part of the poll.

Greg said...

This is the most surprising result of the poll so far. Particularly as Graeme still hasn't appeared. Still enjoying the poll however, always good when something surprises you!

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