Friday, 20 April 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 22 and 21

22. Liz McDonald 1989-1998, 2000-2001, 2003-2011 (78 votes)

The frizzy haired Rovers barmaid who eventually became the landlady in 2006. Originally married to Jim and mother to twins Steve and Andy, Liz embodied the strong woman that had been the core of Corrie’s success since the beginning. A no-messing character, upon her arrival she struck up a friendship with Deirdre Barlow that lasts to this day. Before she became the Rovers landlady, she did have a brief stint as landlady of rival pub The Queens in the 1990s. Like every Corrie woman, she suffered lots of drama and heartache: she lost her daughter Katie prematurely, Jim abused her, she divorced and remarried and divorced Jim and she married drummer Vernon Tomlin only to divorce him as well. Her conquests over the years included Colin Barnes, Michael Wall, Charlie Stubbs, Harry Mason, Lloyd Mullaney, Derek the drayman and Owen Armstrong. She fulfilled her dream of running the Rovers but not owning it and when she failed to do that she left the street in 2011. But she’d left the street before, so who knows if she’ll return again?

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21. Gail McIntyre (known as Tilsley and Platt) 1974- (86 votes)
Missing out on being in the top 20 is good old Gail. Since her debut in 1974, Gail has faced many trials and tribulations. Originally a good time girl lodging with Elsie Tanner, she’s suffered much drama. She’s had four husbands and three children who have in their time given Gail grief. First husband Brian was stabbed to death in 1989, second husband Martin had an affair, third hubby Richard turned out to be a serial killer and fourth husband Joe drowned and Gail was wrongly imprisoned for killing him! And she’s always interfered in the lives of her children: Nick (b. 1980), Sarah Louise (b. 1987) and David (b. 1990). Gail’s had two nemeses over the years: her feud with mother in law Ivy Tilsley lasted 15 years while her rivalry with neighbour Eileen Grimshaw raises its head now and then. She’s had about 10 men over the 38 years she’s been on the cobbles and her jobs over the years have included being a warehouse employee, barmaid, shop assistant, cafĂ© waitress, manageress and owner, receptionist and cleaner. 

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BarrieT said...

Liz is sorely missed behind the bar at the Rovers, she certainly brought some life to the's a shame Bev's real life demons got in the way and she had to disappear to spain a few times.
Gail is one of the best actors and I think she is at her best doing comedy scenes.

Tvor said...

i always liked both of these characters even when the character themself wasn't very likeable. They were and are great classic Corrie women!

TM said...

Where do sophie and sian rank in the top 60

Llifon said...

Sophie ranked at 26. Sian wasn't included.

TM said...

Thank you.

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