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Thursday 12 April 2012

Sunita the siren! David and his new boss Aaron

Well, well Sunita! How she has changed. My view of her as a rather timid woman, devoted to family life is rapidly altering. She is dressing so provocatively now too and obviously men are going to notice that she is indeed a fine-looking woman.

We saw it coming, of course, that Karl and Sunita would get together. Both of them are vulnerable at the moment, but is that really sufficient excuse? With Karl still at Sunita's when Stella calls and Sunita doing her 'loyal' friend bit, Karl takes advantage later of Stella's reply that, 'it's hard not to' when asked if she still loves him, thereby capitalising on his enforced eavesdropping. Stella's comment that Karl obviously sees Sunita 'as a friend' must have made Sunita wince guiltily.

And as for Dev? Well he won't be having much of a holiday on continuous child care duty. Can't help but think that Sunita will be more appreciative of him on his return. Very intriguing to speculate where the writers might go with these two couples. Stella and Dev? I can't quite see it yet, but I remain open-minded. Just to finish on the Karl and Stella situation, viewers may have noticed the final exchange between the two of them; Stella says she doesn't 'want any more secrets' and Karl, so soon after leaving Sunita's, boldly states, 'You can trust me.' Let's see...

Very much enjoyed the scene in David's new salon, run by Aaron the Arrogant! Picked up for not having immediately swept up the 'split ends' the second the client left, David is told he should 'lose the attitude' because he's supposed to be 'wowing' his new boss, who then goes on to say, in his best hairdresser's jargon, 'In the cutting game there are no short cuts.' I do hope David doesn't get the sack immediately as Aaron makes for scintillating viewing. With a bit of luck there'll be another scene in the salon tonight.

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Dennis the Menace said...

Sunita has turned into Sunita the slapper, that scene with her falling out of her top and her skirt split to the thigh and Karl buttoning up his trousers after a bit of hows yer father on the settee when the curtains open took Corrie in a tacky new level. I had hoped this may have turned into a one off dirty little secret but I see the “affair” is to carry on when Karl feels emasculated by Stella next week.

Dolly Tubb said...

I'm not sure if I like how the writers are treating Sunita - fine, yes, let her spread her wings a bit. But I find the plunging necklines and thigh-high skirt splits a bit icky, and the softly-softly confidential whispery voice is a bit too Gail Platt for my liking.

I like Sunita. She was great with Sophie, she is fun and a good mother. So why couldn't the writers have thought l little out of the box for her? She could have done an OU degree in clinical psychology instead, or started a support group for single parents or something. This affair with Karl does her no favours and is just the same old same old for unimaginative and stale Corrie writers. 'Yeah, right, we need a new story that's an emotional roller coaster so let's do something we haven't done for a while.....'

They'll be running out of combinations soon, my money is on Norris and Maria, that's not been done yet. But just you wait.....

Adam Rekitt said...

It's clear that Karl and Sunita will continue their affair without reading any spoilers. So predictable. That photo captures yet another low point for the show. Agreed it's tacky, unimaginative, stale,.... [insert negative adjective here], ....

Danny-K said...

Wish the David the humilated victim v Aaron the bullying boss storyline and scenes could have been developed and fleshed out a bit more (aka: along the lines of maybe 'The Devil wears Prada' for instance) and last much longer than they've been scheduled for (all over by tonight by the look of things).

The storyliners have stumbled on a nugget of pure drama gold, but have let it slip from there grasp far too soon.

The bullying and humilating of David could have been built upon for many a week to come.

It's not that interesting to have a 'bad-boy' character just react badly for no other reason than because - that's what he does, react badly/take offence/selfish actions to everything and everybody that a more reasonable and balanced person might not.

BUT showing the unfair humilation dished out to David 'rounds' the character out. Villians don't leave perfect, stress free lives, this would have been a great way to show how someone like David can so easily become 'over-reactive'.

Could have been weeks of fun watching this paticular storyline develop. I've posted further down these blogs how I'd like to see David seek his revenge: (supergluing the door-locks to nasty-boss's salon)

KatelynMade said...

Not only is Sunita turning into a real slapper...she's also a stupid woman lately. Who wants this guy? After she knows full well what a loser he is. I hate to say this, but she's better off with Dev. To think she missed out on a holiday to sleep with this louse.

Anonymous said...

Sunita - I understand spreading her wings but not her legs. If any character is expected to keep their dignity, I'd never have though Sunita would have lost hers!

Dev needs to end up with Tracy and then they can both leave the street as two of the worst actors on the Street! Then Sunita and Steve can bed down with their house full of kids.

David relly needs to spend some time under someone else's thumb, someone who is as miserable and arrogant to him as he is to everyone else, particularly his gran. I'd love to see David and his missus suffer under the yoke for some time to come.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's hard to take David seriously as an adult character. He still dresses like a teenager and acts accordingly. I do hope Lewis turns out to be the genuine article just to spite her family.

Can't really believe Sunita would go for Karl. OK, he's got animal attraction but there's no on-screen chemistry. I read the actress was embarrassed doing the sex scenes. Well, that's how it looked.

That was a sweet little scene with Tommy, Tina and the van.

What was that about Carla telling Sally 'we haven't signed anything'? Sally wouldn't buy the shares in the business from her. As with his house, they belong to the estate so Sally would be dealing with a solicitor. Nit-picking maybe but these loopholes get very annoying.

Danny-K said...

"Nit-picking maybe but these loopholes get very annoying"

- No not nit-picking, and yes, annoying - the whole Corrie production team have to be kept on their toes or the standard will go down the plughole faster than swirling water. We are after all talking about the suspension of disbelief.

Take tonight's episode for example.

Hayley tells a small child (Simon) to run as fast as he can through the isles of a working factory, as she chases him whoopping in delight through those busy isles of a factory where machines are under operation, sharp cutting equipment abounds and operatives are not expecting a small fast moving object to rush behind them
- and all with the approval of the factory management!!! (Yes, 3 exclamation marks called for).


I think some of the writers have left uni gone straight into theatre work etc., before ending up on Corrie and by-passed working in conventional industry, so would be ignorant of The Offices, Shops, Railways and Factories Act (as it's quaintly called) that is required by law in every working establishment in the UK.

Any council trading standards officer would prepare prosecution papers against Carla for ignoring a child being actively encouraged to run free through the isles of a busy working factory environment.

- Then again, maybe Carla hoped Simon would end up running head first into a sharp corner table or under one of the machines and be permanently free of his trouble-making?

Anna in nz said...

Haha. Loving the comments on here.

I agree that it is a bit disappointing the direction that Sunita is going in, plus she must be totally desperate to go with a married gambling addict who's just using her I reckon. Someone mentioned her with Steve, I think her and Steve would go well together. I wish Dev would leave, he's such an awful character.


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