Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paula Lane gets boxing fit for London Marathon

Coronation Street actress Paula Lane, who plays Kylie Platt, is getting into training for the London Marathon in June. Paula will be running for charity with her fiance Tom Shaw.  There's a pic of Paula in today's Daily Star where they've done her up as a boxer.

Paula said: “I’ve always enjoyed running so when I heard that Henshaws, a charity for blind children, were looking for people to raise money by doing the London Marathon I was straight on the phone.They kept asking me if I was sure I could do it. I didn’t really think but I’ve spent the last six months doing a mixture of training to get me ready. I can honestly say I’ve given it my all so I’m not going into it under-prepared. I’m more than up for the challenge."

Paula also talked about her on-screen Corrie character and said that Kylie and David's marriage collapses after Audrey has a heart attack in the war of the salon.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

It will be a great pity if the marriage break-down leads to Paula Lane leaving. There was a long way to go with her character. If she wants to leave, that's up to her but it would be a big mistake otherwise. If she stays as a single mum, Kylie will be another on the 'change partners and dance' routine.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why does their marraige have to collapse at all? Frosty is very unhappy to hear this. Kylie has been a cow but then she has David's best interests at heart. Its also been one of the best pairings on the Street. If a great actress like this leaves and the Powers that Be bend over backwards to keep people like Kym Marsh and Jimmi Harkishan, Frosty will combust!!

Adam Rekitt said...

I was very unhappy to see the return of chav Kylie; first shovelling chips into Max, now encouraging David to take Audrey's salon. Kylie and David are a good pairing and she could have developed a really interesting relationship with Audrey and a humorous one.

But no. Character development and thinking about the long term are obviously just too complicated. So another marriage breaks up after a year. Will David try to get custody of Max, I wonder? How tedious.

Anonymous said...

David's best interests at heart......get real!!

Kylie has Kylie's best interests at heart, David just happens to be the vessel she's using.

I liked Kylie when she mellowed a little around the time Becky was leaving. She had a better rapport with Gail & Audrey and was quite witty as opposed to just plain venomous as she's reverted to now.

I hope they don't slipt up permanently, I would like to see her back to witty with an edge.

Defrost Indoors said...

She needs a wider circle than just the Platt house; there must be SOMEONE on the street she could be chums with?

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