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Sunday 15 April 2012

Norris in a lather over lap-dance in Coronation Street

Norris is set to get a lap-dance in the Rovers Return, says the Daily Star today and they've got a picture of it here.

It's all part of Terry Duckworth's plan to open a lap-dancing club on Coronation Street and Norris ends up as the target for a raunchy routine as the dancer tries to impress potential new boss Terry .

When Terry turns up, Tommy agrees to give his dad a second chance and he even helps him hand out fliers for his new club, which is going to be called 7th Heaven. Finding out it’s going to be a lap-dancing joint leaves him stunned and confused as he had been kept in the dark about it all.

A Coronation Street insider said: “Terry needs hot young girls to dance in his club but had no ­intention of letting everyone know what he was up to so publicly. The girl is desperate to work in his club and thinks the best way to secure a job is to show him exactly what she can do. The entire pub is outraged when they realise what he’s up to and Tommy starts to wonder if he can really trust his dad.”

We'll see Norris get into a lather over the lap-dance in the Rovers a week tomorrow.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

So if you were to open a lap dancing club where would it be? In Central Manchester near the other bars and clubs with available parking or in a residential backstreet of a small suburb where you wouldnt have a cat in hell's chance of getting planning consent anyway? Just an excuse to get Terry the Plank back from obscurity.

Adam Rekitt said...

Hot on the heels of Sunita and Karl hastily buttoning and zipping up - surely the most revolting scene in Coronation Street ever - comes this. Daily Star readers must have salivated more than Pavlov's dogs at the Spokesman's reference to "hot young girls".

Crime, crime, sex, more crime, more sex, crime, lots more sex, more crime, sex, lashings of crime... Can anyone doubt that Corrie is careering downmarket at high speed?

Anonymous said...

The story of the comical older character being given a lap dance is a comical cliche thats been done before on soaps.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sakes.....virtually everything's been done before. If things are not to be repeated then they might as well pack up and go home!

So sick of everyone constantly whingeing " It's been done before"

So What!!

And if you want reality then watch the news!

Dick Turpin said...

And if you dont like our discussons then get off this board!

As if Terry would hold lap dancing interviews in the local pub amongst the locals but we have to have the "hilarious" antics of Norris's reaction, just like Ken and the stripper not so long ago, Yes - ANOTHER repeat!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the main posts, well written and often very funny, (which is why I bother), and some of the comments are witty, it's just the same few who bleat on continuous negativity. So no I won't get off the boards...if I have to put up with their continuous rants, (and expected to not mention it), then you can put up with ONE of mine...oh sorry this reply will make two, naughty me!

Anonymous said...

Mary would make a fine lap dancer lol NOT


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