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Monday 30 April 2012

Devastation for Julie

How terribly sad for Julie that the twelve week scan she was so excited about, not only revealed that there was no baby, but that the poor woman has a growth on her ovary. In fact, the whole experience must have been totally devastating. If ever there was a woman who was excited about having a baby and becoming a mother it was Julie.This was clearly demonstrated when she arrived at the ante-natal clinic as she burbled on about her partner and how important he was. The receptionist could have been more sympathetic after asking Julie to take a seat. Admittedly, Julie did ramble on a bit but the receptionist could have shown more kindness - just a few 'I knows' would have been sufficient and would have shown a little compassion and understanding.

Brian's ex-pupil Georgina Rose, despite having left school with no qualifications (though she did go to college)  handled the scan situation quite well, saying that the baby was probably hiding. Julie is no fool though, and suspected that something was wrong almost immediately.

Later, in the Rovers, drinking brandy, Julie feels that she is the victim of a 'cruel hoax' and that she must have done 'something awful' in a previous life.The distraught woman talks of her 'toxic womb' and has moved from elation to despair. You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel sympathy for Julie.

A brief mention now for the baby-sitter from hell, no other than Mary.You know it's not going to go well when Mary, as soon as Anna has gone to work at Dev's, announces, 'Right! House rules!' Then states, 'Defy me and you'll be straight up those stairs.' It will be interesting to hear what the differing accounts of the evening will be when Mary and Faye relate their version of events to cash-strapped Anna.      

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Danny-K said...

Yes, a genuinely sweet character like Julie isn't set up to handle this double-blow philosophically (then again, who is?)

Kudos to Katy Cavanagh as Julie for an unexpectedly poignant scene or two, who's not normally centre stage plot-wise, of late.

This is an interesting juncture in the life of a character like Julie, someone so generous in her empathy and support towards others - it could now result in taking her in several directions; might even develop a cynical, biting, disillusioned outlook on life - the polar opposite of her usual sunny, upbeat, bubbly disposition.

Anonymous said...

I really love Julie, shes got a great way with words, almost poetic, certainly very funny. Its a sad day for her. Sanita, what on earth are you playing at, you silly girl. I cannot imagine the end result of this little affair.
Great blog Ruth, keep up the good work

Frosty the Snowman said...

WHY WHY WHY cant we ever have a happy feel good storyline?? I found Corrie strangly depressing yesterday and even Terra Duckie's panto antics couldnt raise my spirits. All doom and more gloom.

Glenda Young said...

This story took me by surprise although I knew by the previews I'd seen a few weeks ago all was not going to go well, but Corrie kept what the outcome of the story was, well hidden. I was assuming there would be something wrong with the baby or an ectopic pregnancy or even a phantom pregnancy but... poor Julie indeed. Let's hope this growth on her ovary is benign, it could be the start of something awful if not.

Dilly Daydream said...

I thought it was going to turn out that she was going through the menopause.

ChiaGwen said...

Hope they don't have Julie go off the rails, wanting a baby so badly she kidnaps little Jack, therefore paving the way for Sally to find out she does indeed love Jack and all will be well with the Websters.


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