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Sunday 22 April 2012

Corrie weekly awards: April 16 - 20

Pound signs in his eyes: Terry's found out about Tommy's inheritance.

Recipe for disaster award: Lamb star: Betty left her recipe for hotpot to Sean. But it sounded like it would only feed a few people, not the 5000!

Darth Vader award: Death Star: Tommy, this is your father!!!! And he's about as trustworthy. What a slime!

Reality check award: Tommy wanted to believe all good things about his dad. He got a rude awakening.

Restaurant critic award: Five Stars: Simon instructing Roy on whether to feature liver and onions!

Crass award: Mary as usual these days. Why on earth would she make a joke to Norris about him being a little in love with Betty? Norris gets a mention for nosing in and trying to get Gordon to offer to pay off Betty's outstanding paper bill.

Who are you again? award: Sticking St. Ella into the storyline again (helping them clear out Betty's things.)

It's gonna be a breeze award: Irritating star: Sally's already wearing her Boss knickers in the factory. Carla knows how to play her. But it ain't gonna be easy.

Trouble stirring award: Terry is determined to groom Tommy and worked it so Tommy and Ty fell out.

Nosy old woman award: Why would Rita be reading Betty's private correspondence.

Boys' club award: Wonderful little scene with Karl, Steve, Dennis and Lewis smoking cigars out back.

Lines of the Week:
Gordon "She's dead, Rita" (gulp)
Eva about David "I thought his innards were made from the stuff non-stick pans were made of"
Tyrone "Maybe they credit checked him and threw him in a dungeon?" Owen "Who do you bank with?"
Tommy "Who the hell do you think you are?" Tyrone "Tommy, this is your dad"
Terry about Tyrone "Oh look out, here comes the umpa lumpa"
Terry to Tommy "I made so many mistakes" Tina "Speak up, I can hardly hear over the sound of violins"
Terry about Roy "Where's the Rainman"
Kylie "She were all right, as far as old biddies go" (Kylie being Kylie)
Lewis "I quite like being told. Where's the fun in coming home late if there's no curfew?"
Tina to Gordon "I love your mum. She was Top" (so say we all)

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ChiaGwen said...

Yes, why was Rita reading Betty's letters and why were those three even going through her private stuff! - Gordon should have been doing that. They could have gone through her clothes and kitchen, etc.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The business of Rita reading the letter was so silly. First, she would never do that; second, Gordon wouldn't disappear to the charity shop at that precise moment,except as a plot device, to conveniently leave the women on their own; third, the letter would have been in an envelope. That scene was so poorly written. The *suspense* of withholding the information from Gordon lasted 24 hours, making it a non-event. Far better for Gordon to find the letter and discuss it with Stella, saying he wants to think about it. Stella was only there, again as a plot device, so she could be told the staggering news. None of that scene made sense.

Anonymous said...

Dumber than a sock of soup award.. Tommy minute his rotten Pa shows up and tells him to bogg off...two minutes later he's all contrite and offers him a job. Between him and Ty and Tina (and the other two big mouths Jason and Gary) none of them can see through this guy? OMG..there are more dumbasses on this street than I can count on one hand.

Adam Rekitt said...

Best Tribute (Gold Medal): Gordon’s description of Betty’s last hours. It was simple, heart-warming and moving. This is what made the Street great. Somehow a sad event wasn’t depressing and the mundane was made entertaining.

Best Tribute (Silver Medal): The opening sequence of Friday’s episodes, when the camera panned across the bar to focus on Betty’s picture. (Points deducted for St Ella’s and Karl’s voices being heard in the background). The scene said today is Betty’s Day and she is the focus. I was relieved when the picture of Betty was placed on the wall, although it should have been hung behind the bar where she belonged.

Best Tribute (Bronze Medal): The slight dispute about the location of the funeral and all the reminiscences, both poignant and funny. This is just how people behave after a death.

Troopers of the Week (Gold Medal): Barbara Knox and Eileen Derbyshire. Rightly, these two featured prominently in the week’s episodes, so if the whinging cast members are to be believed, they had to work from 7am to 8pm for at least 6 days. That is a tough schedule for women aged 78 and 81 respectively. Yet both were on top form and I got a real sense that they wanted to do their best for Betty. They deserve more recognition, but it won’t happen because neither will be plastered over the media next week whining about the punishing schedule and psychoanalysing their characters.

Trooper of the Week (Silver Medal): Bill Kenwright. I might be wrong, but I don’t suppose he has done a lot of acting recently, yet he was excellent all week and struck the right tone. Again, I felt he, (like most of the rest of the cast and crew), wanted the week to be brilliant for Betty.

Trooper of the Week (Bronze Medal): St Ella. As the Rovers’ current landlady, she had a legitimate part to play, but she was everywhere. How does she know what Betty meant to the Rovers or the Street for the past 40 years? How much utter nonsense does a character have to spout before someone on the show says: “Hang on, maybe we should change this”?

Worst Tribute (Gold Award): Anniegate. Betty was not the Rovers’ landlady, did not want to be the Rovers’ landlady and should not be remembered as the Rovers’ landlady.

Worst Tribute (Silver Award): Sean getting the hotpot recipe. He’s never given any indication that he can boil an egg and there is a long line of more appropriate recipients.

Worst Tribute (Bronze Award): Karl and Sunita. This story is terrible at the best of times, but was so incongruous in this week. The nauseating scenes between these two in the Rovers, which was Betty’s turf, made them seem even more repellent and even disrespectful.


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