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Sunday 29 April 2012

Corrie weekly awards: April 23 - 27

Queen award: Bohemian Star: The best scene of the week and probably the best of the year!  Watch that great scene again here.

Heartless swine award: Gold Star: Peter breaking little Simon's heart, banning him from seeing Leanne.
Silver Star: Kylie pushed and pushed David and Audrey's heart attack was the result.

Big shoes to fill award: Sean has to take over the hotpot institution.

Slippery Slope award: Cracked star: Peter's accusing Carla of not loving Simon and it's the beginning of the end, if you ask me.
Emotional star: Red wine and self pity will put Sally back in Kevin's bed every time!

Phrase of Doom award: "Me and Sally are back together properly" Except when everyon pointed out Sally would be a mother to Jack, and Jack had a bad teething day, it changed things.

Somebody's watching me award: Sally thinks the baby *knows* how she really feels. With the looks he's been giving her, I swear she's right!

He's got a conscience after all award: David has realized the error of his ways. Maybe too little too late? Audrey's not talking to him and his wife is out the door.

Touched a nerve award: Gold star: Terry reacted quite strongly when Tyrone mentioned Jack to him.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall award: Gold Star: Sally came crashing down to earth. No chance of her name on the door now that Carla has inherited Frank's share of the factory.

Lines of the Week:
Tyrone "Terry Duckworth doesn't build, he destroys"
Sally "I'll always be the same old Sally" Beth "That's what worries us"
Simon "It's not just a grown up thing, it's a kid thing too, cause I've fallen out of love with you!"
Peter to Carla "There's not a man on earth that can resist you" (and he's still wearing his wedding band)
Terry to the barricaders "So what's this then? The knitting club?"
Sally about Terry's club "What I don't understand is why here?" (good question)
Terry "I'm the sort of entrepreneur this country needs"
Kylie "One Gail Platt in this world is enough for anyone"
Norris had a good week:
"A Barful of mucky women!" Rita "How mucky?" (didn't Rita used to be an "exotic dancer"?)
"She could have had somebody's eye out with the bust on her!"
"There'll be no den of iniquity on this street. Not on my watch!"
"Underestimate the power of a rota at your peril"

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Anonymous said...

Ridiculous plot so a mate can have a bit of lime-lite: Betty leaving her hot-pot recipe to Sean.Stupid or what?Might as well have left it to Lesley-makes that much sense.Also..what's with Tina knowing the 'secret' ingredient because she watched Betty make it before? The recipe online doesn't call for a bottle of stout.
Very shoddy and could have done much better-leaving it to Roy to continue on making but no...they had to throw in some pathetic story so we could watch Sean flapping about gurning like mad and Stella barking orders at him. BAH..what a waste of time.

Tvor said...

If it's a secret ingredient, of course the recipe online wouldn't have it. It wouldn't be a secret then! ;)

Adam Rekitt said...

Normal service is resumed. Sally Dynevor’s talent wasted on excruciatingly dull storylines about taking Kevin back. Paula Lane’s talent wasted on her being turned into Becky II. St Ella repeatedly telling Karl that they have no money, as if he didn’t know. Corrie should move with the times and have at least one male character who is not a little boy trapped in a man’s body. Nonsense about corrupt policemen and councillors that relies on the viewers being stupid and more clueless about the world than baby Jack.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Really pathetic that tptb have brought Kevin and Sally back together. And it's meaningless because if either actor had been unable to commit to Corrie, they would have split up. Much as I'm enjoying Terry's return, none of it's very subtle. Apparently, when Kirsty rifles through filing cabinets, Terry and the councillor conveniently walk in at that very moment.

Jumping the gun a bit here, but why would Kirsty need another job straightaway. Unless it's constructive dismissal, she would be suspended on full pay while an investigation is carried out.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Rita looking very much like the late Beryl Reid? Rosie.

Anna in nz said...

Yep. The Sean being left Betty's hotpot thing was a bit ridiculous. You just know he was going to screw it up, by doing something like dropping the recipe into the hotpot, like he did :) That's why Betty would never leave it to Sean!!

kickingrabbit said...

@Adam Rekitt - I've been looking for a male (with) character who is not a little boy trapped in a man's body all my life.

Please love, if you know where they're hanging out, help a gal out and point me in the right direction! There's not a single one to be found out here in the wild west of Canada. :)


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