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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update April 16, 2012


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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street
Weekly Update. 
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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation
There was sad news this week when Gordon Clegg turned up to break the
news of Betty’s death.  Rita’s in tears
in the Rovers when Gordon gives her the answer to her question when she asked
how Betty was: “She’s dead, Rita.” Emily helps Gordon form filling at the
council and everyone gathers at the Rovers for a farewell bevvy to barmaid Betty.
Thankfully, Corrie had the good sense and decency not to involve St. Ella in
this storyline and Steve offered to help out behind the bar: “For Betty”.  But when the Rovers regulars find out that
Gordon’s intending to have Betty buried down in that
London, they’re
up in arms and rightly so.  It’s left to
a gently, coaxing, teary-eyed Rita to persuade Gordon to do the right thing and
give her a send off in style, in Weatherfield. It’s what she would have wanted.
Meanwhile at the factory, Carla sets her perma-grin to max when Sally tells
the girls and Sean that she’s going to be buying Frank’s share of Underworld
when they come up for sale. “In a lot of ways,” she muses, “I’m the answer to
Carla’s prayers.” And soon she could become her worst nightmare. As Sally fusses
over the frillies and gurgles over gussets, Michelle and Carla swap looks over
the sewing machines, looks that suggest Sally’s stash of cash will be more
welcome in the factory office than Sally ever will.
With a bob or
two in his pocket now that Grandad Jeff Horton left Tommy money in his will,
Tommy rushes out and splashes the cash on a clamped out campervan, ready to
take Tina touring all over the world. It’s fair to say that the campervan needs
a bit of attention and Tina’s not taken with touring, not yet. Anyway, the van’s
parked next door to the Bistro and Owen’s getting a froth on because it’s
blocking his entrance into the unit that’s just been rented by a fella who’s hired
Owen to work inside. So, the said fella turns up, all beefy and dark. The sort
of fella that would be tall, dark and handsome if he was handsome, the sort of
fella that uses his fists to sort Tommy out when his campervan won’t move.   
Tommy’s hit to the ground just as Tyrone
rushes over to see what’s going on and the shock on Tyrone’s face says it all.  “Do you know who this is?” Tommy asks Tyrone. “It’s
yer dad!” Tyrone replies, as Terry Duckworth makes his unwelcome appearance
back on the Street.  And if ever you’ve
wondered who did eat all the pies, I think we know now it was Terry, who’s
being played by Brian Blessed.
Down the
Street, the silly salon war continues with Audrey and David at odds, mainly
because of Kylie winding things up between grandson and gran. Audrey tries to
run her business from Mary’s motorhome and heaven only knows if there was hair clippings
left on Mary’s muu-muu.  The battle of
the barbering continues apace and causes no end of stress for Audrey, who gets
arrested and questioned at the cop shop and given an harassment order to stay
away from her own shop. Poor Aud. Kylie’s even had Owen take down Audrey’s
Alma must be spinning in her grave.
Mind you, at
the Barlows’ there are secrets being kept as Ken allows Leanne to spend time
there with little Simon. Peter’s against it but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt
him, for now any road.
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