Friday, 27 April 2012

Corrie's Yana Lumb writes for Street of Dreams Musical

You know how some people are very talented, multi-talented, and you're more than an incy-bit jealous?  Well, Jayne Tunnicliffe who played Yana Lumb on Coronation Street is one of those ladies who are creative all-rounders. As well as being an actress, Jayne is also a talented artist, jewelry designer, she's been a storyline writer for Corrie and Emmerdale and now she's been writing for the Coronation Street musical.

Jayne, along with her husband Mark Bickerton, who is the Senior Storyline Writer at Coronation Street, have just finished writing additional material for the script of 'Street of Dreams'-  the Corrie musical. 
Jayne tells us here at the Coronation Street Blog: "We've thoroughly enjoyed it - espeically writing for Paul O'Grady, who of course I have had a long association with, having written with and performed beside him on stage with Lily Savage and on TV in Live from the Lilydrome and two series of Lily Live.

"The combination of writing for Paul and also classic Corrie characters was a dream come true, especially as we are such fans of Trisha Ward's songs. The show was also written by Trisha Ward and Corrie writer Damon Rochefort. It should be a fab production and we can't wait to see it live in Manchester in a couple of weeks."

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