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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 28 and 27

28. Stan Ogden 1964-1984 (61 votes)

Annie Walker would be mortified that Stan Ogden was in a higher position than herself! One half of one of Coronation Street’s most successful partnerships – Stan and Hilda Ogden. Providing comedy for the cobbles for 20 years, they provided the mould for the Duckworths later. Many remember Stan for being lazy and workshy but back in 1964, he was known to have abused his children and wife Hilda. But by the 1970s, that was forgotten and he was a comedy asset to the soap. Over his two decade tenure, Stan had many jobs that included being a milkman, window cleaner and labourer at the builder’s yard. Unlike Hilda, Stan was happy with his ordinary life on the street, supping beer in the Rovers, putting a bet on the gee-gees and doing the pools. In 1976, Stan was in heaven when he was locked in with Albert Tatlock in the Rovers’ cellar, surrounded by barrels of beer. In 1980, Eddie Yeats became a lodger at N°13, providing more comic scenes with Stan like installing hens in the back yard and other dodgy schemes. By the early 1980s, Stan’s health was deteriorating and in 1984 he passed away, after a forty year marriage to Hilda. When Hilda wept over his glasses, the nation shed a tear too.

Should Stan be at 28? Did you love his partnership with Hilda? Leave a comment!

27. Sally Webster 1986- (66 votes)
For 27 years, Sally has gone from a teenager to a wife and mother. And during that time also she’s gone from a good-time girl to the street’s snob. For most of her time she’s been married to Kevin Webster. And if being married to Kevin hasn’t given her grief, daughters Rosie and Sophie have also caused their mother pain with their various antics. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 but thankfully survived. As well as Kevin, Sally’s other conquests include Chris Collins, Greg Kelly, Alex Jordan, Danny Hargreaves and Martin Platt. Her friendships with Gail McIntyre and Rita Sullivan are the strongest in the soap’s history and her slapping love rival Natalie Horrocks in the street is one of the show’s most memorable scenes. Amongst her jobs over the years include barmaid, corner shop assistant, car shop secretary and factory machinist and supervisor.

Should Sally be at 27? Should she reunite with Kevin? Do you remember that slap? Leave a comment!

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Dolly Tubb said...

Great work Llifon - some of these positions are making me cross but that is not a reflection on your hard work - it is a fantastic poll and I love the little cameos for each person! I guess it's just a reflection that there just aren't as many 'black and white Corrie' viewers as 'colour Corrie' ones! But IMHO I reckon Annie Walker could give Sylvia a run for her money any day.

My hope for number 1 is Roy Cropper - the great unsung hero of the street. David Nielson is just a fantastic actor. Number 2 would be Ena Sharples - a beautifully portrayed proper Salford character, there was one on every street; and at three would be Elise Tanner - none of our current crop of 'feisty' women could hold a candle to Elsie, that's for sure!!

Oooh, fingers crossed......!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Dolly, I agree with you. I wish more of the voters were of an age to pay proper tribute to more of the classic Corrie characters.

Tvor said...

Sally is one of my favourites even if she's a snobby cow. :)

Kate said...

I agree Tvor - Sally always has been a favourite of mine, even if I don't always agree with what she does. Sally Dynevor does a fantastic job portraying her!

John in Cincinnati said...

Stan Ogden at 27??? What kind of nonsense is this! If the trend keeps up not a single classic character will be in the the top 10! humbug on that!

Adam Rekitt said...

I am surprised Stan Ogden is that high and I'm mortified that he's higher than Annie Walker. He was never very interesting and not funny.

I think Sally is one of the iconic characters. She might not be likeable sometimes, but she's always entertaining. And I think Sally Dynevor is cruelly overlooked by those stupid soap awards.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sally Dynevor has an amazing range - she can do tragedy, comedy and is greatly under-rated IMO. My all-time favourite scene with Sally is when she broke into Natalie Horrock's house and wrote with her finger on the bathroom tiles. Later when Kevin and Natalie were canoodling in a steamy bath, the word 'WHORE' appeared on the tiles.

Anonymous said...

Funny that, Adam. Annie isn't interesting to me. Stan is. That's why we all have different opinion and we are allowed to vote whoever we want. Some classic characters are good, some aren't, but "should be" higher only because they were the first. Pfft.

Adam Rekitt said...

Who said you weren't allowed to vote for who you want, Anonymous?


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