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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, April 23 2012

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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at  And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update 

It’s Betty’s final farewell this week on Corrie. She wanted ‘Joyous’ and so black was banned and colours were in as memories were recalled and eyes filled with tears in the wake at the Rovers Return.  Gordon gives a heart-breaking speech, reading a letter Betty penned just a week before she died, and Betty’s photo in her frame presides on the bar as friends and customers raised a glass in her memory.   But Betty’s passing doesn’t go without ruffling a few feathers, well, it’s what she would have wanted. First off, Rita and Emily find a letter in Betty’s house when they’re clearing out her stuff. It’s a letter from Annie Walker in 1984 bequeathing the Rovers Return to Betty in Annie’s will. It’s a bequest that Betty had clearly turned down but sends St. Ella into a tailspin wondering if the pub’s rightly hers. Sadly, it still is.  The second secret Betty leaves behind is an envelope with her secret hotpot recipe inside and for some unknown reason, she leaves it to Sean. He can’t cook to save his life and tries and fails to knock up the hotpot only to cock it up. And then he only goes and drops the recipe into the dish, soaking it through. Has Betty’s recipe really gone for good? She should have left it to Roy – who would have treasured it and kept Betty’s memory burning bright.  And the scene that brought a lump to my throat came when Norris totted up Betty’s paper bill in the Kabin, brought the unpaid paper bill up to date with money from his own pocket and then wrote, very carefully, very neatly, very Norris, next to her name: Account Closed.  

Elsewhere this week terrible Terry plays a wonderful pantomime villain who makes you want to boo and hiss every time he’s on screen.  He takes Tommy under his wing by telling him lies that Tommy knows nowt about. Tyrone (or as Terry likes to call him: Tirrrrrrroan) knows how evil Terry can be but Tommy’s just glad to have his dad around and the fact that he gets a decent storyline at last.  Terry ramps up the tension between Tommy and Tirrrrrrroan until they come to blows and Tommy jacks his job in at the garage to work for Terry’s new lapdancing club – Se7enth Heaven -  on Viaduct Street. The residents rebel when they hear of Terry’s venture with Norris pointing out that they don’t want mucky women turning the Street into a den of iniquity after a lapdancer comes into the Rovers and goes through her raunchy routine for Terry at the bar. “She could have had someone’s eye out with that bosom,” Norris complains.  Determined to put a stop to the building work going on in the lapdance club, Rita, Norris, Emily, Roy and a couple of the young ‘uns set up camp inside the unit and determine not to be moved until Terry backs off. “We’ve got a rota, you know!” yells Norris through the door to Terry, who’s bemused by the sight of the senior sit-in. “Never underestimate the power of a rota!” 
Over at the factory, Sally goes all giddy kipper getting ideas above her station when she gatecrashes a meeting  that Carla’s got with a customer in the Bistro. “You need to open your mind!” she tells Carla who retorts: “And you need to keep yer gob shut!”.  Not only is Sally’s gob well and truly shut, it’s gobsmacked when Carla finds out that Frank’s left his Underpants, sorry Underworld shares to her in his will so she’ll not be needing Sally’s money after all. Sally sulks back to her sewing machine, skulks home to the sofa and after a glass of wine with Kevin, the Websters have a snog. Oh, silly Sally.
Meanwhile, Peter finds out that Ken’s been letting Leanne see little Simon behind his back and over the road. Peter’s not best pleased, as you can guess, and goes storming into Ken’s, arguing with Leanne and making Simon cry. But Peter won’t be moved and drags Simon home with him telling him that he won’t be seeing Leanne any more. “Grandad said you’ve fallen out of love with Leanne,” says Simon, in tears. “I have, yes, it’s a grown-up thing,” replies Peter before Simon goes: “Well it’s a kid thing too, because I’ve fallen out of love with you!”. 

Poor Audrey, though. She has a heart attack this week after the salon war reaches breaking point and she ends up in th’ospickle strapped to machines with tubes everywhere. David blames himself and feeling guilty for causing such grief to his granny, he pops into see her but she’s having none of it. She doesn’t rant and rave at his presence. Much worse, in a very quiet voice, she simply tells her grandson: “Go away, David. Go away.” Unexpectedly, Audrey’s illness looks like bringing together Gail and Lewis as they join forces to protect Audrey from David and Kylie stealing the salon.   Oooh, just watch, I bet Lewis will be after Gail soon.

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Adam Rekitt said...

Corrie needs to improve its characterisation urgently. It’s as if the scripts are written by robots:

Tracy = Bad
Betty = Good
So Tracy must disrespect Betty

It really would not have been so far fetched for Tracy to want to attend Betty’s funeral. Tracy had known Betty all her life, Steve would definitely have been there and Tracy’s only redeeming feature has been showing some respect for Emily. So, why not extend the same courtesy to Betty, Emily’s good friend and her Godmother? In fact, it was more unrealistic for Tracy to be so unaffected.

It is such lazy writing. St Ella is “good”, so she carries on like Weatherfield’s answer to Mother Theresa died, whilst bad Tracy can’t be bothered to go to the funeral. No-one is as relentlessly obnoxious as Tracy and it is boring to have such one-dimensional characters, as there is no capacity for surprise. It can’t be long before half the cast is decked out in either white or black hats for the benefit of the more intellectually challenged viewers.

ChiaGwen said...

My heart broke for wee Simon. How ugly and vindictive Peter has become - I hope Leanne doesn't take him back once the Carpet duo implode. Again my heart broke for David when his Gran told him quietly to just go away - and Gail's sudden realization that Lewis does really care for Audrey....oh, I hope Nigel Havers sticks around!

Jack the Lad said...

I hate Simon Barlow. Such an irritating little brat, I hope Peter slaps him for his mis-behaviour. Miss "Goody" Overrated Leanne should never see him again, as boring Ken Barlow. Them both have no rights getting on their high horse. Hell, they accuse Peter of lying and not telling the truth, but what have they done, got Simon to lie. Both hypocrites. I hope both Ken and Leanne's hearts ache, its all their doing.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Simon Barlow either. He is a brat. However, Peter is being all but ridiculous about the situation with Leanne. Adults should learn to play nice for the benefit of their kids.

I'm just pleased Sally Stormtrooper lost her thunder but disgusted that the first place she ran was back to the arms of her dull as dishwater ex.


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