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Sunday 15 April 2012

Corrie weekly awards: April 9 - 13

Idiot award: Gold Star: Steve defined an idiot as never learning from your mistakes, especially him. And he rehired Karl anyway!

Mein Hostess Fail award: Sunita made Karl sleep on the sofa that first night. With the kids' beds empty upstairs.

Was this a Bad Idea? award: Carla's already second guessing having Sally as a partner and it's not even happened yet.

Not your biggest fan award: Sarky star: Michelle sure is vocal about her dislike of Sally.

Little jugs Big ears award: Simon doesn't miss a trick (see lines of the week entry below)

Safety in the Workplace Fail: Carla didn't seem to see anything wrong with letting Simon run around a factory and Hayley certainly should have known better.

Rottweiller award: Kylie.

Lines of the Week:
Simon "What's a Black Widow?" Carla tells him (spider) Simon "It's just that Leanne said you were one when it came to men"
David to Audrey about Lewis "I see you've not had him surgically removed from you while you were gone"
Stylist geek "In the cutting game there are no short cuts"
Karl to Stella "You can trust me" (no she can't)
Carla "I haven't had the best luck with business partners" Michelle "At least you won't fall in love with this one"
Maria "He must have gone back to find him. He's so intelligent sometimes!" Audrey "Ooohh you mean Ozzie!?"
Audrey "Not only have you bit the hand that fed you, you've swallowed it whole" and "Did the captain of the Titanic thank the iceberg?"
Tommy "She's purring!" Tyrone "If i had a cat that purred like that, i'd put it down!" (Lots of great lines regarding the VW van!)
Norris to Audrey "Your lot make the Borgias look like the Waltons"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's awards:

Hairstyling Award: Why does anyone that goes into Audrey’s salon come out with their hair looking exactly the same? Leanne being a case in point. Rita looked like she had already been to the hairdresser before she went into the motor home; her hairdo seems to be becoming bigger than she is.

Job Description Award: Salons have juniors for sweeping up and making tea, didn’t David establish exactly what he would be doing at interview? This same story was done before when Tina was his girlfriend. Having said that it could have gone on for a bit longer for comedic value.

Red coat award: Does Leanne ever appear in anything else? It may have to be surgically removed. She doesn’t appear to be working so I would have thought a shampoo and set that made no difference in Audrey’s would have been the last item on her list.

Comedic moment award: Frosty did rarely smile when Aud (My husband was the Mayor) got carted off by the police. Lewis slithering around interfering as usual.

Old Banger award; That heap that Tommy bought couldn’t have an MOT so shouldn’t really be on the road. Mind you it made Kevin Webster smile which is an absolute rarity.

Professional restaurant atmosphere award: Why is sourpuss Gail constantly sat up at the bar in the Bistro arguing with Nick, Lewis, her mother or anyone else around? Not conducive to what you want to witness when going out for a nice meal or relaxing drink. It’s becoming really stupid. At least she wasn’t carrying her mop and wearing her Marigolds.

Totally Pointless character of the week award: Michelle strutting around with her clipboard with what looked like a dead dog on her head. Why oh why has this exhausted character’s contract been renewed again? Frosty shakes head.

Anonymous said...

Of course Karl slept on the couch - everything happens in the livingroom on Coronation Street. A tribute to the past. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thoroughy enjoyed comments left on this page and Corro tweet on main page,so true hope to read more of this ; Gail has become dull and full of vinegar - I feel so sorry for Audrey she is a lovely person finally finding some happiness in her life after putting up with the Addams styled family who just seem to be only truly happy when they stick their noises into other peoples business. Kylie just wants hand outs - so sad

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Frosty: Yes, what was with Michelle's hair, dead dog or dead sausages? Agree, a pointless character - I would rather have had Cieran stay (without his Dad's teeth though). Wouldn't Tommy have had at least some knowledge about trucks/cars from working with Tyrone and Kevin....all that exhaust belching out of the van and he didn't think there was anything amiss..??


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