Monday, 23 April 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - No. 20

20. Vera Duckworth 1974, 1976-2008, 2010 (91 votes)

With her foghorn voice, perm and earrings, Vera was a legendary character. Married to Jack for fifty years and mother to wayward son Terry, Vera was another classic Corrie woman – strong, no-messing and fiery. Like the Ogdens before them, the Duckworths had many hilarious antics and despite arguing publicly and having various flings, their marriage was solid because of their unconditional love for each other.  Originally working at the workhouse, Vera is best remembered for her long stint as a machinist at Baldwin’s factory and her scenes usually involved clashing with Mike or Elsie Tanner or gossiping with pals Ivy and Ida. After working at Bettabuys supermarket, Vera’s finest hour was when she became Rovers landlady in 1995, a position she held until 1998. The episode where Vera tried to seduce Jack in her sexy underwear on is a memorable one! Following their departure from the Rovers, the Duckies ran a B&B until Jack’s minor heart attack. Vera then worked as a cook/waitress at Roy’s Rolls before retiring. Son Terry brought much heartache to Vera – he stole and lied and even sold his son Tommy (who was in the Duckies’ care) to his in-laws, breaking Vera’s heart. Her pride and joy was the stone cladding that was installed at N°9 in 1989. Claiming to be a cousin to the Queen, there was royal memorabilia all over the house. The Duckworths planned to retire to Blackpool in 2008 but Vera sadly died in her armchair before the move. It was indeed an end of a Vera on the cobbles.  

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Adam Rekitt said...

There are lies, damn lies, statistics and..... internet polls. This is really more a reflection of how the characters were grouped together. Leanne was in with Betty, Emily and (I think) Rita. Given that competition, it is a surprise to me that Leanne was as high as she was.

Having said that, it’s clear that there was a real effort to divide characters into groups as fairly as possible. Much of the time, I didn't have many dilemmas choosing two. Also, I appreciate that a huge amount of effort has gone into this and it’s been good to be reminded of past characters and read the biographies. I do think the placings need to be regarded as just a bit of fun though!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The really interesting bit will be who comes in the top 10. Ken must surely be there but we haven't seen Stella yet, or Sian - both of whom have got their fan-bases one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Sian wasn't included in the poll. I don't recall seeing St. Stella, either.

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