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Monday 30 April 2012

He's behind you!

While reading this article on The Sun’s website about Nigel Havers signing up to appear in panto this year, it got me thinking about his character Lewis. The article mentions that his romance with Audrey has been a hit with viewers, yet I haven’t really seen that much of a reaction either way to them as a couple. 

Do we like them together? Do we believe that Lewis has changed? I personally am not keen on their relationship. I love Audrey on her own and I think the men they set her up with lately do nothing for her. Furthermore, I don’t like how Lewis has been playing the innocent when it comes to the salon. Keeping score and winding David up is hardly going to make things easier for Audrey is it? 

If their relationship is doomed (for lack of a better word) then I hope that another return for Lewis is not on the cards because even if he has changed (which I don’t really think he has) I think that Audrey needs a bit of time on her own again. After the whole ordeal with Marc/Marcia I’m surprised she even wanted another relationship so soon! 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

If Nigel Havers is in panto this year, that could mean he's off screen around Feb for 3 months. The idea set-up would be for Audrey and Lewis to agree to a no strings attached relationship. For me, this would be a win-win situation with Audrey mostly self-sufficient, and happy (as I would be) to see Lewis whenever Nigel Havers' commitments allow.

Anonymous said...

I love them together.Sue Nichols is the best!

Looney Baloon said...

I think Lewis returning again was daft as it was a one off storyline. Unfortunately Nigel Havers and Sue Nicols have zero charisma on screen together as can be seem by the rather uncomfortable "kissing scenes". I think he stifles Audrey who is a great character. He has fanned the flames of the salon argument. I dont like the character at all.

abbyk said...

Audrey doesn't have a lot of friends, and Lewis gives her someone to do things with besides family. The more she does, the more we get to see her, win! That, plus Lewis seems to get along well with others, and can push Gail's buttons with élan. Hey, Ken needs a pal since Ted left. maybe they could hit the theater, et al. OMG -- LEWIS COULD BE A STRAIGHT TED! If Ted ever did come back, there could even be a fun romantic kerfuffle. I hope Lewis sticks around. Like!

ChiaGwen said...

I absolutely love Nigel Havers as Lewis and more so with Audrey. Here's hoping he is really a changed man and can stay on the cobbles. Great interaction with Gail and family and his put down one-liners to Gail were hilarious. Ken needs a like friend and Lewis I think fits the bill.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

I really like Audrey being with Lewis, I never got to see him the first time round so I guess I'm not too biased by what went on.

I don't see why Audrey is a better character on her own, like a spare part to the rest of the Platt families goings on. I think she's good with Lewis and I hope they don't let him revert back to his old ways.

Anonymous said...

I think Lewis and Audrey make a great couple. I LUV the way he doesn't take any crap from Gail.

If he's really up to no good, again, I believe Audrey is entitled to make her own mistakes. Gawd, it's not like she's not old enough! And being duped by a guy is pretty mild, compared to the relationships that Gaill has been in.


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