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Monday 23 April 2012

Sally would be a terrible Underworld boss

We all know that Sally has ambitions far above her current station. That's part of what makes her so fun to watch. She often walks around with her nose in the air, snobbing for England and always gets taken down a peg or two in the end.

Currently, Sally has offered to buy Frank Foster's share of the factory when his will is probated which will give Carla a needed in flux of cash. Sally's already bossing the staff around as if she's the Queen of the Factory but actor Sally Dynevor thinks Sally would be a terrible boss!

In Inside Soap via Digital Spy, Sally says "She'd be a terrible boss - so bossy and self-righteous. I certainly wouldn't want to work for her!" Amen to that! Sally does hope her character finds success someday.

I think if the deal does fall through, I think Sally should buy her own little business, perhaps something in the old Butcher shop since the rumoured Fruit and Veg shop doesn't seem to be happening.

See a character study of Sally here. 

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John McE said...

But surely Sally DID run a shop (for a couple of months) - wasn't it ironmongery or something like that, and it was either immediately before or immediately after Diggory (Molly's dad) ran it as a bakery... or have I been dreaming again?

Tvor said...

Yes, she did, a DIY shop with then-boyfriend/fiance Danny back in the late 90s/early 00s. Jason worked for her for awhile after Danny left her. No reason she couldn't open up a new business, maybe a retail outlet for the factory?

Adam Rekitt said...

Sally would be a terrible boss, just like ...err... bossy and snobby Carla (and Mike Baldwin). It would be nice if characters did not change overnight. When working for Frank, Sally was Weatherfield’s answer to Richard Branson. Last week, she was suddenly crashing around like a bull in a china shop and being a complete idiot.

I am surprised at Sally Dynevor. I would have thought she would have relished taking on Carla. Sally is intelligent and ambitious and it would be far more interesting for her to drag Carla and the Faktry into the 21st Century. I sincerely hope this is not softening us up for Sally deciding that she can’t take on the responsibility for baby Jack and running the Faktry, so she returns to a life of cooking fish fingers. That would be the greatest crime in Weatherfield this year.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't get this thing about Frank's shares; they belong to the estate. Sally should be seeing a solicitor to go through the procedures. But, OK, solicitors are boring and are only brought in at the last minute for another amazing revelation. Frank left them to Jenny? Wouldn't it be great if he left them to Danny Baldwin?!

Sally Dynevor is a great actress and could handle a major storyline - without Kevin, please. I see her using the scratchcard money to buy a franchise, like wedding planning or party plans. And I agree, she'd be a terrible boss.

Anna in nz said...

Adam Rekitt, I agree with a lot of what you said. I did not find Sally's behaviour believable in the last episode. In the real world, Sally's character would probably have learned a bit of humility during the whole Frank vs Carla saga because she came out of that very badly. Now 2 minutes later like you said she is like a bull in a china shop which I feel is not realistic given what's happened.

You would also think that Carla would have learned her lesson, and not take on YET ANOTHER unsuitable factory partner. She's already had like 3 of them who were awful. And it would so obviously end badly with Sally.

But then again this is soap :)

I don't think Sally will get to be partner in the factoy because Carla's brother's going to arrive on the street, and the spoilers I read mentioned that he might have something to do with running the factory.

it would be awesome to have Danny Baldwin back in the faktry.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo yeah, let's have Danny Baldwin back! Yum!! :-)

~JB in Canada

Dolly Tubb said...

I actually thought that Sally and Michelle would make a really good sparring duo.

But, oh, despite her snobbery and aspirations and Mrs Clicky-heels-and-clipboard attitude, I felt so sorry for her tonight! Well done Sally Dynevor for getting that across!

Dubcek said...

Frank probably put Carla in his will as a beneficiary for the factory shares when they were going to be married and then with everything else happening the rape trial and all he just never took the time to remove her from the will so she now owns the factory outright.
When are we going to find out who owns the shares, I thought it would be this coming week April 30 to May 4th.

ChiaGwen said...

Yes, Sally seems not to have learned from her recent humiliation, lording it over the girls and Sean, who should have told her to shove off with more intensity, she isn't a part-owner yet and I hope won't be. I can't see Frank leaving his shares to Jenny, he only knew her five minutes but I can see him changing his will to leave them to Carla, as he was so besotted with her. If this turns out to be true, I'd love to see Carla letting high horse Sal know she won't be sitting in the boss' office but at a machine!

Anonymous said...

I think Sally has had the ultimate humilation what with her husband banging his best friends wife and getting her up the stump and now he's left with the baby (who mysteriously has vanished from the face of the earth) so that seems enough of a comuppance to me. But Sally is such the little snob isn't she? That's why we love this character...always trying to rise abover her lot in life and getting smacked down, only to try and try again. She has balls that woman!

Tvor said...

Dubceck i think you may be right. I was thinking about that today as well.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I think there could have been some good scenes with Sally in Underworld and agree that she perhaps could help drag this totally preposterous business somewhere into the 21st century. But we are to have the tiresome and trite storyline of her getting back with her pointless character of an ex husband for the THIRD time, then what? More affairs? The writers have no imagination whatsoever. How convenient that Frank who was more sly than a garden full of foxes "forgot" to change his will, Hm.

Danny-K said...

She may well have turned out to be a terrible Underworld boss, but now she's 'free', perhaps Terry will offer Sally the job of being in charge of supervising the Lap Dancers; not a million miles from some of her oldest daughter's assignments, so she shouldn't find it too onerous - and she can lord it up to kingdom-come over the lap dancers.

After all, she knows a thing or two about knickers (the making of) and has genuine empathy about the employment of scantily clad daughters in questionable careers.


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