Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Upcoming Corrie schedule change

There's a change to the usual soap schedule in the upcoming weeks, due to the Britain's Got Talent finals week, the changes to our Coronation Street schedule are as follows:

Monday 7th May

Tuesday 8th May


Wednesday 9th May

Thursday 10th May

Friday 11th May
7:30pm & 8.30pm

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Scotland Yard said...

Are you kidding? They bump corrie for Britains got talent? It should be the other way round!

Anonymous said...

Appalling , leave our corra alone . the only vote terry duckworth would get from me is to get him off the show , he's pant's .

maggie muggins said...

That's 6 episodes! Not complaining.

johanna said...

about time to get rid of David's wife, she is awfull.
Also Terry Duckworth, why is he returned? There are enough silly characters already.

Please lets have some pleasent episodes.


Luckycharmz said...

Oh please will Corrie get rid of Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro) he is GODAWFUL!!! Can't act to save his life and the storyline is the worst ever for Coronation Street, tonight at the hospital with all his pathetic quotes, it was so terrible that I was going to turn the channel over and that loan shark Rick, I mean is he the only loan shark in Manchester or what? And his "heavies" are just so bad, the whole plot sucks.

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