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Friday 13 April 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 13 April

Coronation Street  Friday 13th April 7:30pm

Watch the video preview here 

AUDREY GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH DAVID. David and Kylie have spent the night camped out in the salon as Owen arrives to change the locks. Audrey's furious but David's defiant, insisting he's doing this for her own good. But Audrey refuses to take it lying down and asks Mary for a favour. Using Mary’s motor home as a makeshift salon she pulls up outside and starts inviting her customers in. David and Kylie are aghast as the regulars flock to Audrey and they're left with an empty salon. Insisting they need to find their own customers Kylie tells David it's time the salon had a revamp. As they put up an 'under new management' sign how will Audrey react?
KEN BETRAYS PETER’S DECISION. When a devastated Leanne asks Ken to talk to Peter about her ban from seeing Simon he can see how distraught she is. Ken broaches the subject with Peter but he's adamant he's doing the right thing by Simon in the long run. However when Ken brings Simon home from school he can see how cut up Simon is and he finds himself calling Leanne and inviting her round.
TOMMY’S ROMANTIC AUTO-PLANS BACKFIRE. Tommy's got a romantic country pub lunch planed for Tina but when his van only makes it to Viaduct Street Tyrone can't help laughing at his banger. Elsewhere when Nick notes the unit next door to the Bistro is for sale he talks expansion plans with Eva. Stella's picked up on the tension between Karl and Sunita and asks Sunita if there's anything Karl's not telling her. Sunita feels guilty as Stella admits she couldn't cope if she found out he was still lying. Will Sunita confess?

Friday 13th April 8:30pm
AUDREY SEES RED. Audrey's furious and refuses to relinquish control of the salon. David's conviction is starting to waver as he sees how upset his Gran is but Kylie reminds him Audrey didn't have any qualms about sacking him. Audrey resents how David's turned on her after everything she's done for him and with the backing of her friends she vows that he won't take her business. Marching into the salon she rails at David for betraying her and takes a nail file to his new sign. As the red mist descends Kylie calls 999 reporting Audrey for criminal damage. But when the police arrive will the law be on David's side?
KEN WRESTLES WITH HIS CONSCIENCE OVER SIMON. It's time for Ken to take Simon home and as Leanne reluctantly says goodbye to Simon Ken's heart breaks for them both. At the flat he tries one last attempt to change Peter's mind about Leanne but Peter's unyielding, insisting he needs Ken's support. Having asked Simon to lie to his dad about what they've been doing Ken feels guilty. Can he continue to betray his son?
TOMMY CONSIDERS A LONGTERM INVESTMENT. As Tina worries that Tommy is frittering his inheritance away she suggests he start thinking about their future. Hoping this means they have a future together, Tommy resolves to think about it. Elsewhere Sunita decides to give up her job at the pub in a bid to stay away from Karl. But when Dev sticks his two penny worth in will she change her mind?

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Anonymous said...

About time for some David drama. Hopefully he'll come out of hiding and give Kylie the boot too!


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