Friday, 20 April 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Betty's final farewell

Watch the preview video here as the Street prepares to say farewell to Betty

Coronation Street,  Friday 20th April at 7.30pm

TOMMY'S CONNED BY HIS NEW SVENGALI. When Terry witnesses the tension between Tommy & Tina and Tyrone & Kirsty he realises he can use it to his advantage. After hearing Kirsty having a go at Tina over Tommy's badly parked camper van he damages the 2 vehicles to make it look like there’s been a bump. As Tina blames Kirsty for pulling another stunt, and the boys back their girlfriends, tempers flare again between the four. Has Terry lit the blue touch paper?
. It's the day of Betty's funeral and Rita and Emily have decided it's their moral obligation to inform Gordon of Annie Walker's letter. Stella understands but fears what this may mean. Gordon himself is stunned but as Betty's funeral cortege departs silence descends on the street.

. As Stella apologises to Sunita for having a go at her about letting Karl behind the bar she thanks her for being a good friend. Feeling guilty Sunita tells Karl their affair can't continue. Will he agree?

Elsewhere Sally barges in on Carla's meeting with a potential new client, determined to play partner, despite not having bought Franks shares yet.

Coronation Street, Friday 20th April at 8.30pm
TOMMY'S TURNED AGAINST TYRONE. Tyrone's feeling guilty after his row with Tommy but Kirsty lays all the blame at Tina's door. Terry meanwhile is the picture of the concerned dad, checking Tommy's OK and insisting he was doing the right thing by Tina. When Tommy asks if he meant what he said about wanting a relationship Terry insists he does, while dripping poison into Tommy's ear about Tyrone. Wearing Tommy down he offers him a solution to his problem with Tyrone, why doesn't he come and work for him. Will Tommy put his trust in his dad?
SEAN'S ASTOUNDED BY BETTY'S BEQUEST. As the mourners arrive at the pub for Betty's wake Gordon's touched to see how loved his mum was. Asking for a word with Stella he reveals he's come to a decision about Betty's claim on the pub. Later as the wake is winding down Gordon hands Sean a sealed envelope addressed to him from Betty. Sean's stunned as he reads its contents - it's Betty's hotpot recipe!
SUNITA AND KARL START A NEW CHAPTER. Drawn together once more can Sunita and Karl continue to resist?
Elsewhere Audrey's enlists a solicitor's help in getting her salon back, claiming David bullied her into putting it in his name and is now conning her out of her business. Carla fears she's created a monster in Sally, while Peter worries when he gets a date for the custody hearing.
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Anna in nz said...

It might make for good telly but I can't believe that Sally would be so stupid as to muscle in on everything in such a way before she's even a partner. She's not a total idiot, this is not believable.

Anonymous said...

Sunita & Karl = UGGGHHHH

Kim Colby said...

Oh I can believe it alright, that's Sally all over. Apart from her odd moments of normalacy, poking her nose in where it's not meant to be is her main M.O. That and thinking she knows best and is better than everyone else!! This storyline makes perfect sense.

Anna in nz said...

I watched Friday's episode. They've made Sally a frustrating character in that she never seems to become a better person or learn from her mistakes. She just seems to get more and more idiotic. I thought after the business with Frank they would make her a better person, it seemed that way for a bit.

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