Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The life of Tommy Duckworth

Terry Duckworth is back on our screens and hes going to get to know his son Tommy. Worse yet, Tommy is going to get to know his father and we can pretty much tell how that's going to work out, can't we?  Tommy might have a bit of Terry's cheek and charm (well, ok, the cheek and charm Terry had as a young man Tommy's age), but he's got the gentleness of his mother, Lisa too.

With that in mind, lets look back on the life of Tommy Duckworth.

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Loon the Baloon said...

Not quite sure where the poor old me scenario came from yesterday from Tommah whinging he wasnt allowed to go on a school trip. The Hortons were LOADED, lived in a big house in Blackpool and that was part of the reason they took Tommah, could give him a better start in life and could afford to buy him as well. Writers should do a bit of basic research, its getting really annoying.

Danny-K said...

Tommy's brain is in the same lost and found department as Kirk's; at this rate of weekly degeneration he's in danger of making Kirk look like an intellectual by comparison

- I mean, just how unassumingly stupid are they prepared to paint Tommy-the-thicko?

Adam Rekitt said...

I completely agree Loon the Baloon. In addition, Tommy is meant to be 19, so in 7 years the Hortons have apparently gone from abject poverty to having a spare £12,000 to bequeath. Being sold by your father is dramatic enough without having to rewrite history and make up tales of depravation.

It is insulting that producers and writers think the viewers are dumb enough to swallow this tripe.

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