Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Spoilers for next week's Corrie, April 30 - May 4 2012

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May 2012

Kirsty gets sacked and takes it out on Tyrone, Julie’s heart breaks after baby scan, Kevin tries to get back with Sally but can she accept baby Jack? And the Weatherfield in Bloom contest kicks off.

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Anna in nz said...

Tyrone's little face in this picture :'(

Danny-K said...

Tyrone's face, yeah - She's got a spatula in her hand so a fried egg or beef-burger must have just sailed past him judging by the clenched eyes.

Anonymous said...

Nope..she lets him have it right in the kisser with the soup ladle.
Poor Tye.

Danny-K said...

To get clobbered by a vegetable cooking implement - Oh the indignity! The humilation!

She could at least have used something used in cooking meat, like a steak knife or anything less salady. He's mechanic not a Ken Barlow.

Anonymous said...

If this is the way Kirsty is acting so soon into the pregnancy, I can only imagine what a hormonal bitch she'll be after the baby arrives.

Jack the Lad said...

The fat idiot deserves it.

Danny-K said...

If she runs out of cooking utensils, maybe she'll end up throwing the baby at him.

Danny-K said...

Hang on a mo' -

"Kirsty gets sacked and takes it out on Tyrone"

Is there a case of this happening in recent years? I don't think so.

- There isn't an employer within the UK brave enough to sack a pregnant employee. It's illegal for one thing, as the defence is 'hormones'.

Frosty the Snowman said...

So we are to believe that Kirsty, a pregnant woman, is sacked by the Most Useless Police Force in Britain for her involvement in a sit in protesting about a corrupt Councillor, when she got away with her vindictive behaviour with members of the public, i.e. Tina and Rita and causing that crash when she wasnt even licenced to be a police driver? Dah - do the writers have mashed potoato for brains?

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