Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Paula Lane has her Corrie contract renewed for another year

Paula Lane, who plays the fab Kylie Platt on Coronation Street, will be on screen for at least another year after she's had her contract renewed for another 12 months.

Paula told her Twitter followers: "Hi lovelies! Yes I can confirm I'll be staying on the cobbles for another year."

Paula also revealed to OK Extra: "Suranne Jones (Karen McDonald on Corrie) did about four years and Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald) did six, so it depends what feels right. If there are good storylines, then why not stay?"

The 26-year-old ran this weekend's London Marathon in four hours 42 minutes to raise funds for charity Henshaws.  Good on her!

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Danny-K said...

Good - because she's my absolute favourite character - her shining moment? Rolling about on the floor at the surgery faking the death throes of a serious condition then her instantaneous Lourdes like recovery LOL!

But not so keen on her Queen of Mean persona arguing over the ownership of the salon fracas.

In fact is David maturing faster than Kylie? With the concerned emotion of him saying he would 'never forgive himself' going right over the top of Miss Material Girl's head?

If so, and she's had her contract extended, maybe it signals not she having an affair - but,
unbelievably, a hint of the start of David parting from her? Thus freeing Kylie for more 'adventures'

Tvor said...

Kylie has had a far worse childhood than David, Richard Hillman notwithstanding. She's very much in to self preservation and she's ambitious. That salon represents stability for Kylie, I think and David's loyalty and faith in her meant a lot too because she doesn't have a lot of faith in herself. She's quite a lot like Becky used to be and it's interesting watching her develop. There was bound to be setbacks in that and this is definitely one of them. I too love Kylie and Paula Lane is fantastic

Anonymous said...

I like her too. I can see her splitting with David and hooking up with Jason.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo. Great news.

Adam Rekitt said...

The first time I have read about a contract extension on here and thought it was good news. I agree with Danny K. I don’t like Queen of Mean Kylie. I like plain speaking Kylie with a dash of vulnerability. And if she and David split, it’s a huge mistake. Kylie makes the Platts, MacIntyres, Roberts, Tilsleys interesting. Blimey! Just realised everyone in that family has a different surname!

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