Thursday, 19 November 2009

The new Nick Tilsley

Amber Gates (Laila Rouass) and Conrad Gates (Ben Price) in ITV's Footballer's Wives

So it’s with some trepidation that I’ve been reading about the man who’ll become the new Nick Tilsley. Mind you, he couldn’t be any worse than Adam Rickitt, who came around when I was about fourteen, and every girl in my class had a massive crush on him. I also remember his “singing” career, and the least said about that the better.

But Ben Price? I’ve yet to be convinced, but I’m willing to have my mind changed. He does look a bit like an older Nick, and I hope this time around Nick is less of a mummy’s boy. Maybe he can also take David in hand a bit? At any rate, his presence and standing as #1 Son is going to make young David’s mouth do that mealy thing he does so well.

It’s just, well, Ben Price was in Footballer’s Wives which I really loved because it was so kitsch, but his character… In my memory, all Conrad Gates did was wander around with no clothes on, have a lot of sex, and whine “Amber!” all the time. If Nick Tilsley does this, I think I’ll have to stage an intervention.

Nick ought to be a hit with the laydeez though, as last time. Maybe he and M’reea could take up again, since she’ll be looking for another beau when Tony leaves. Maybe he could have a crack at Michelle, too. It seems like everyone else has. I can imagine him chatting up the older ladies in the pub too, like Rita and Emily and Blanche. Maybe even Deirdre will decide she needs a bit more of the younger man and seduce him. It’s her turn, Ken had the affair with Martha not so long ago didn’t he? I’m sure they do take it in turns…

Why stop with the women, though? Conrad Gates was bisexual, so Ben Price clearly doesn’t have a problem with kissing men, so maybe this is an angle he can bring to Nick Tilsley, too. After all, Todd Grimshaw kissed Nick, didn’t he? Maybe in his time away, Nick’s decided he plays for both teams. There’s any number of young men Nick could go after, and maybe the lovely Sean could even get a look in.

If I were a betting woman, though, my money would be on Tina. She’s a bit young, yes, but she is very pretty, and she and Jason don’t seem to have been seen together much recently. There’s so much history too between Nick and Jason, it would lead to some great fights. David would cheerlead from the sidelines, obviously.

I am looking forward to seeing Ben on the telly again, but I’m still thanking my lucky stars that Ms Alahan has gone to London because otherwise Nick might get involved with her and there’s only so much of one person saying “Amber!” that you can put up with in one lifetime…

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