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Saturday 14 November 2009

Sitting Duck: Fri Nov 13, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Chris Fewtrell (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by John Anderson.

Hayley and Roy are scared stiff after Tony's threats. Hayley doesn't show up at work and Roy doesn't open the cafe. They hide upstairs until they can figure out what their plan of action is. They decide to go to the police, then head out of town camping for a few days to stay away from Tony. Tony can't let it lie and is there at the Croppers every turn. He wants to know where they're going camping, but they say they don't know. Tony gets Anna to take him upstairs to the Croppers' flat once they're gone on the ruse of Hayley having a file of his, then snatches a set of keys from the counter. Later, Tony sees the police show up at his door and knock to no answers. Good thing Maria wasn't in. What is he going to do now?

Kev visits a solicitor to see what they can do about Stape, for Sally's sake. The solicitor tells him that there's really not much he can do with Stape, unless Stape causes trouble. Kev then asks him, theoretically, what would happen if he left his wife for another woman. His solicitor tells him that he'd probably have to sell the family home and give his wife half of his business. Ouch! That doesn't sound good to Kevin. That's not his only issue, Molly's still mad at him over his previous affairs and wants to know all the details. Kevin notes that his affair is worse than being married! Funny how that works out, isn't it?

John figures he needs to start earning, since he can't keep sponging off Fiz. He attempts to talk to Steve about getting a cab job back, but Steve isn't welcoming to that idea. He finds an opportunity when he realises that the Croppers are away for the weekend and Anna will need help at the cafe. John now works at the cafe with Anna, much to Sally's chagrin. I wonder what Sally's planning on doing next.

Eileen is suspicious about Jesse and Julie since Sean tells her that Julie has taken off for the afternoon, and he believes she's seeing a new man. And he thinks that the man is having an affair. Eileen puts two and two together and realises that Jesse and Julie are carrying on behind her back. She gets Eddie to spy on them to confirm it, and he does. She makes Jesse choose between her and Julie, once and for all, then watches him as he calls Julie to tell her that he can't perform with her anymore. He doesn't look happy about Eileen controlling him this way. Could this be the end for this dynamic duo?

Stevey-boy is back from his holiday and realises that Lloyd's been shacking up with Teresa. He takes every opportunity to take the mick out of him for it. He also wonders what Teresa has over his mother. Lloyd tells him that it's simple: Teresa's more fun! So true!

- Tony showing up as the Croppers try to leave town, to their fright, asking if they're "escaping." Then, throwing Anna and John Stape into the mix. How awkward was that situation?
- Eddie thinking that Tony was taking off with "his woman" upstairs to the Cropper residence. Haha.
- Teresa admitting that the hardest part about being a bad mother is admitting to it. It's like being an alcoholic, once you've admitted it, the hard part is over. Then, she's thankful that she's not an alcoholic as she downs her pint in one gulp. Haha, she's definitely more fun than Liz.

- When Hayley puts on her nightdress for Tony, to pretend she's sick, she forgets to take off her heels and skirt? Honestly!
- Roy telling Hayley that Roy is now Tony's conscience. Then Hayley reminding Roy that Tony has proposed to his victim's wife, and he doesn't have a conscience!
- Kevin realising that if left Sally for Molly, that he'd lose his house, and half his business. He didn't think of that before? Also, him complaining that being with Molly is like being married. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Molly in a way. She should know better, but maybe Pam was slight right about Kev taking advantage of her.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Ena's Hairnet said...

Why was the solicitor chewing gum yesterday, not very professional, and not very believable that he was one! I wish Sally would SHUT UP now, her ranting about John is just getting too much. Did feel sorry for John when Dev refused to serve him in the shop.

Llifon said...

Dialogue of the week:

Steve: Oh, your open then. I thought you were dead.

Roy: Not yet.


Keith Watts said...

I wish that Tony would kill off Roy and Haily if it means he could stay in the programme as this complex character has loads of mileage left in him. Roy and Hailey I think are getting rather past their sell by as the "odd couple" and Hailey does nothing much but shuffle around with the constantly puzzled look. She has just been a spare part since she came back from her year "in Africa". These two wouldnt be missed.

Clare said...

On the contrary Keith, they'd be sorely missed!!

Anonymous said...

I would miss the Croppers too, although Roy has been slightly irritating the past few weeks. The problem is, I want Tony to stay too!

Unknown said...

@ Ena's - Yeah, I think Sally's still just mad at John for refusing her advances back in the day. Scorned.

@ CSC - forgot that one! Thanks!

@ Keith Watt - Agree on some parts, but I still love the Croppers. They're good accent characters to the show.

Unknown said...

I would love Tony to stay roo..Maybe he could just be in a coma and when Samia comes back from mat leave...he could wake and have dreamnt the whole thing..I don't know it worked for Dallas LOL

Anonymous said...

Never thought about killing off Roy and Hayley -- intriguing, but Keith Watts has an interesting take... as much as I do like the Croppers -- there is a case to be made for both of their characters being past their expiry date -- hahah! A series like Corrie needs a balance between continuity and fresh characters. The odd couple type role could be taken over by the Windasses -- they're the best addition to the show so far, but they should be given something more to do...

Dilly Daydream said...

I could easily live without the Croppers. Roy's holier-than-thou attitude gets right on my nerves - why can't he just shut his stupid mouth?

I really like Tony and he did us all a favour getting the bland Liam bumped off. I'm dreading this week, to be honest.

And with regard to John Stape, I really like him, he's served his time - Sally needs a smack in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Liam was kinda bland. In the world of the TV serials the fate of all boring characters should be -- a fast and painful exit - well, not necessarily painful but a fast

1)the Peacocks clan: they perish from eating bad meat

2)Croppers: Roy's Rolls explodes from a small grease fire igniting one of Aunty Pam's cannisters of biofuel-- Aunty Pam, being up to her old tricks again...

3) Gail and Joe: moves out during the night after learning that they've won the Irish sweepstakes lottery. They both realize that one day David Platt will indeed murder them in their sleep...

4) Dev: Umed calls him from Mumbai urging him to come over as Uncle has made good and obtained public office and needs help to keep track of all the bribe money...

5) Jesse: can't handle two women fighting over him so he moves back in with his mommy

6)Audrey: runs off to serve the British public by being Camilla Parker-Bowles's double. Leaves the salon for Natasha to run it like a 24/7 hair and spa service for busy working women.

7)Ken and Dierdre - Ken runs off with Martha. Dierdre decides to take up another government job -- but it's in London so she moves because Blanche is just too much to take without Ken being around...

8) Liz: decides that Venezuela has better cosmetic surgeons than the UK so sells her share of the Rovers and high tails it at the first sign of more facial wrinkles and a few more folds developing in her middrift.

9)Michelle and Ryan: Michelle wins a Eurovision-type singing contest after hooking up with Vernon. The two form a singing, song-writing duo and move to New York. Michelle doesn't want to stick around Weatherfield anyway where she lost both her brothers. Ryan goes with her.


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