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Friday 27 November 2009

Fairy Godmother: Thu Nov 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by David Lane, directed by Ian Bevitt.

The factory girls are aghast to see Carla at Underworld. I suppose that answers their questions as to who will be running the place. Carla announces that she's their fairy godmother. That's not what I'd call her, but sure. Carla demeans Sally for trying to be the PA, and tells her to get back on her machine. The detective on Tony's case comes by looking for information on Jimmy Dockerson. Carla has Sally dig up old records, and shreds some paperwork pertaining to Jimmy. To cover herself of course, since she believes she's killed Jimmy.

Sally's not happy to see that Carla has re-appointed Hayley has manager-on-duty to help her run Underworld. Carla has Sally bring Hayley up to date. Sally ends up leaving Underworld in tears, all dreams of being a PA just dashed.

That's not all of Sally's troubles, as she chews Molly out over the disarray that the books are in for the garage. As Sally has to leave the house to go to Underworld on some un-urgent business, Molly and Kev decide it'd be great to knock boots in Sally's bed! Oh, I can't wait to see the back of this sordid affair. Kev and Molly are almost caught snogging by Sally who rushes in crying from being berated by Carla Gordon. Yikes!

*Groan*, Claire Peacock is back on the scene. She complains to Ashley about Amy's potty-mouth around her boys. Ashley tells Steve, who tells Becky, who tells Claire to shove off essentially. Claire and Becky get into a tiff, that almost gets into a riff if Steve didn't intervene. I can't stand Claire, but if she's going to start sparring with Becky, things could get interesting. Who'd you put money on?

Meanwhile, Becky is still suspicious of where Steve has been spending all his time, and Steve has still be avoiding having Becky find out about his golf lessons. Do you really think she'd be that upset? I don't think Becky's the type of woman to freak out over something like that. Michelle maybe, but not Becky.

Rosie is just so bored with her nothing life, that she needs to stir up some trouble. She heads into the cafe to order a skinny latte from John. Hayley tells her if she's going to start trouble she best leave. Rosie settles for a coffee, and Hayley warns John to stay away from her since she's trouble. When she's leaving, John asks if she's given any thought to her education. Rosie says that she had such a terrible experience with her last teacher, that she'll never enter a schoolroom again! Zing.

Rosie sees Carla and tries to get her job back telling Carla that she's available for work. Carla spits back at her that "available" should be her middle name. Oh, zing! I love seeing Rosie get a good insult.

Finally, Maria and the Connors are preparing to leave for Ireland. Maria leaves Kirk her home and Ozzy to take care of in her absence. They don't leave the street before seeing Carla Gordon across the street and giving her the evils though. Buh-bye Mammy Connor!

- Everyone's faces when the see Carla standing up in the rafters at Underworld. It looked as though they were witnessing a second-coming!
- Mammy Connor off my screen for at least the time being, let's hope longer.
- Ashley and Steve trying to figure out what the "d" word is. Hint: It's short for Richard. Sorry Richard.
- Becky and Claire's little "disagreement." I was wanting it to turn out into an all-out brawl!
- Carla directing her b*tchiness to where it's deserved: Rosie Webster!

- Carla being such a b*tch to Sally! What was that for? Carla's such a miserable witchy woman.
- Molly and Kev's sick little romp in Sally's bed!!! The nerve of them! Yucky.
- Becky's hair? Did she stick her finger in an electrical outlet? It looks like a rat's nest. I know she's usually a bit "out there" with her hair... but still.
- Why is John Stape even trying to be nice to Rosie? He should just treat her like a stranger - end of.
- Rosie going into the cafe to torture John. If she were really traumatised by him she'd never step foot in a place that he worked. Tsk.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Tvor said...

Carla has always been bitchy and let's face it, Sally's always been a suck up. I imagine Carla felt it a tad uncomfortable with Sally's nose so far up her backside. No wonder she took Sally down a peg or two!

Claire might be boring and tedious but she's got the red head's temper and she might be a lot of things but she's not afraid to stand up to anyone, even Becky! Especially when it's from the moral high ground

Anonymous said...

Agree on all points with Tvor! Sally's suck up is so true to life... she really thinks that just because she has her A levels she's so much better than the rest of the factory girls??? There's always someone in the pack that's always so full of themselves.

And Claire -- she just needs a good storyline -- hard when a fictional couple seem to have their marriage/family all together... but kinda need an adventure -- perhaps something to do with taking Graham under their wing -- much like the Croppers and Becky...

Walzing Matilda said...

I thought Carla was just mean to rub Sally's nose in it the way she did, I actually felt sorry for Sal!

More pointless Claire, obviously her friendship with Becky is to try and make her more interesting - yawn - the "Charlston" in the butchers was just cringeworthy. Phil the new producer - make her the first casualty PLEASE!

Llifon said...

I liked the confrontation between Gail and Audrey and the mention of Alf made it more effective. Thought it'd be on the highlights tbh

Anonymous said...

Carla's bitchiness towards Sally was uncalled for. Yes, Sally can be annoying and does need to be reminded to keep her feet on the ground but Carla was just plain mean. And after all, at least Sally is trying to work her way up in the world, unlike Carla who just got there because of Paul.

But I do love Ma Connor, I really hope the Connor parents can be regular characters next year.


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