Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ozzy voted Corrie's favourite pet

Ozzy the black lab has been voted Coronation Street's favourite pet, beating Schmeichel the Great Dane by a whisker of only four votes.

395 votes were cast by Corrie fans in the latest poll here on the blog and the results are in as follows for Corrie's best pet:

Ozzy, 166 votes (42%)
Schmeichel, 162 votes (41%)
Maxine's pussy, 46 votes (11%)
Minnie's cat Bobby, 29 votes (7%)
Barney the rabbit, 10 votes (2%)
Randy the budgie, 8 votes (2%)

Want to see where Ozzy the Corrie dog goes on his holidays?
Click here to find out.
Read Ozzy's official ITV profile here.


Anonymous said...

Ozzy is lovely, especially with Tony. I loved it the other day when Ozzy jumped up at Roy!

Yoork said...

Ozzy was so cute! I also loved when Ozzy jumped all over Roy!

Layman Battler said...

Randy got my vote, but I'd have gone for Sunny Jim were the option there!

Or Fergie the Pigeon - legend-based!

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

I would have voted, but Eccles wasn't listed!

Clare said...

Aww Ozzy is gorgeous! :)

Lindy said...

Where's Tyrone's Monica? She's never in the story anymore, did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

I have wondered what happened to Monica. Although I vaguely remember it has something to do with mad Maya????

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