Sunday, 22 November 2009

Corrie weekly awards: week of November 16

Best Brother in the World award: Gold, Silver and Bronze stars: Kirkeh. Unquestioning loyalty to Maria.

Prison stripes are the new black award: Did you notice that Maria, Michelle and Audrey were all wearing black and white/gray stripes of varying widths on Friday? Even the baby had gray and white stripes on at one point.

If it's good enough for one former teacher, it's good enough for another award: Stape is now a fixture behind the counter at Roy's Rolls. The apron suits him better than it did Ken!

Don't just stand there screaming award: Hayley Cropper in full hysteria (and rightly so, but why waste time, get ye to the canal, woman!)

Newly minted members of the Canal Club: Roy and Tony (joining the Platt family and Richard Hillman!)

Is There a Doctor in the House? award: Do doctors still even make house calls? And why? Roy only lives 10 feet from the medical centre!

Fashion Don't award: Gold Star: Dev and Steve. Why is it that people playing golf always wear the ugliest clothes?
Silver Star: Gail's work gear.

Best Lines of the week:
Julie to Eileen: "Grow up! You're too old to be this paranoid!"
Hayley to Roy: "Don't fall in!" (oops!)
Tony: "I always knew this would all come out. These things always do."
Kirk to Maria: "We'll sort it like we used to. I'll hold the bag and you chuck stuff in."
Simon to Blanche: "Granny Blanche? Why've you got a funny face on?" (makeup!)
Julie about Eileen: "There she is. Bitch Chief Sitting Bull"


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, spot on about Kirk - what a bro!

How about also the obvious Worst coupling in the World:

Gold: Molvin
Silver: Eileen-Jesse
Bronze: Steve-Dev one-upping each other at a snooty Golf Club which neither of them belongs to.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Kirk and Maria scene was so sweet. I sometimes forget that they are related, but this reminds you of all the history between them. Kirk is a much better character when he is serious and it is nice to see that they get along, as most soap siblings don't.

Yoork said...

I didn't notice that they were all wearing stripes! Good eye TVOR!

Anonymous said...

I already miss Tony :o(

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